Sea & ocean Bike Trips

From port to port, a warm and welcoming atmosphere awaits you!

Immerse yourself in the immensity of the blue with our seaside and ocean cycling holidays. Each stage of your trip is an invitation to discover new seascapes, picturesque fishing villages and lively ports. The warm and welcoming atmosphere of coastal towns will seduce you, inviting you to sample local specialties, stroll along the quays and admire the boats dancing on the water.

A bike trip as close as possible to the coasts facing the immensity of the sea and the ocean

Do you love cycling, and are you drawn to the vastness of the ocean and the sea? Cast off on hop on a bike to discover the most beautiful shores of France. In this area, France has resources with a coastline nearly 4,000 kilometers long. Rocky, marshy or sandy, the French coasts stand out for their great variety and breathtaking landscapes.

The steep chalk cliffs of the Alabaster coast, the wild landscapes of the Somme Bay and the immense sandy beaches of the Opal Coast adorn the coastline of the North Sea. Along the Channel, the shore is just as contrasting. The traveler rolls along the historic Normandy landing beaches, with the jagged and photogenic coasts of Emerald and Pink Granite which glorify northern Brittany.

The coasts of the Atlantic Ocean are full of surprises. First rocky and convoluted in Brittany, they evolve into long and beautiful sandy beaches up to the Basque coast.

The coastline of the Mediterranean Sea is just as varied. The fine sandy beaches of Roussillon, the majestic creeks between Cassis and Marseille and the lagoon landscapes in the Camargue illustrate this well. It is this large mosaic of landscapes that makes the beauty and richness of the French coast.
Traveling by bike is also about feeling and going through very different atmospheres to the rhythm of your pedal strokes. The atmosphere of our “sea and ocean” cycling trips is resolutely maritime. The salty sea air, frenzy of fishing ports, song of gulls and seagulls, and lapping waves, by bike, you travel as close to the coasts facing the immensity of the sea and the ocean.

A cycling holiday by the sea that carries the scent vacation and summer

A bicycle trip by the sea: an adventure that is reminiscent of a summer vacation! The sparkling sun, the warm temperatures, the lively seaside resorts, the breaks on the beach to perfect your tan and the refreshing swimming after the stages by bike. To travel by bike between sea and ocean is to live a pleasant holiday in a relaxing atmosphere, combining the pleasure of exploration by bicycle with the seaside attractions of our coasts.

Cycling holidays by the sea also rhyme with fishing and seafood. Along the way, make the most out of the stops in the ports that bathe the coast to discover the picturesque atmosphere of these localities whose heart beats to the rhythm of the activity of fishermen. At the end of the day, watch the fishermen return on their colorful boats, laden with fresh fish. During your gourmet stops, at noon or in the evening, feast on hearty plates of fish and seafood. Indeed, discovering a region also involves the pleasures of the table. On the markets, sea bream, mackerel, shrimps, crabs, mussels and oysters flavor and color the stalls and garnish the cyclists’ musettes.


5 essential stays for cycling holidays by the sea


  • Brittany from Port to Port: In 6 chapters, from Saint-Malo to La Baule, from port to port, you go around the Breton coastline. Cradled by the lapping of the waves, the salty sea air, the song of the seagulls and the hustle and bustle of the fishing ports, crossing Brittany from port to port is a maritime experience which allows the traveler to touch through the handlebars the Breton identity and the unwavering ties that Bretons have forged with the ocean over the centuries.
  • The Vélodyssée: From the north of Brittany to the Basque coast, the Vélodyssée brushes the Atlantic coast on a 1,200 km long route. 70% of the time, you ride on dedicated greenways. This family-friendly route carries the scent of a cycling holiday by the sea. After each stage, your efforts are rewarded with a swim in the many seaside resorts on the coast.The Vélodyssée is the French part of the EuroVelo 1 route which links Norway to Portugal.
  • The Mediterranean by Bike: On a 850-kilometer route, the Mediterranean by Bike connects Spain to Italy while following the Latin Arch. French link of the EuroVélo 8, the Mediterranean by Bike offers travelers the opportunity to explore the south of France at their own pace. The landscapes are varied and the route is punctuated by grandiose sites. The course alternates between sea, mountains and exceptional ancient sites. Swimming in the warm blue waters is appreciated after the stages under the southern sun.
  • The Vélomaritime: From Roscoff to the Belgian border, the Vélomaritime follows the coast of the English Channel then the North Sea on a route of 1,500 kilometers. Along the coasts of Pink Granite, Emerald, Flower, Alabaster and of course Opal, the Vélomaritime is marked by a great diversity of coastal landscapes. Its regular road markings guide you to discover three French regions: Brittany, Normandy and the Hauts de France. It is the westernmost part of the EuroVélo 4 which takes travelers by bicycle to Kiev in Ukraine.
  • The rugged Algarve coast by bike: Located in the southern part of Portugal, the Algarve enjoys mild weather all year round making it one of the sunniest regions in Europe. The beauty of its coastline which swings between sumptuous beaches bordered by golden cliffs and picturesque villages with white houses is an additional asset. And what about the Portuguese hospitality! In the Algarve, all the ingredients are there for a good cycling holiday by the sea.