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Brittany by bike from port to port

A journey in 6 stages on the Brittany coasts by bike

Abicyclette Voyages offers you an exclusive itinerary, designed with passion for our region. Explore Brittany in six stages, from Saint-Malo to La Baule. From port to port, immerse yourself in the authentic atmosphere of the coastline, savor the delights of local cuisine and explore the treasures of a region steeped in history and natural beauty.

Brittany from port to port

Brittany maintains strong and unwavering links with the sea and the ocean. Among the Bretons, many have a grandparent, a parent or a cousin who works or has worked in the realm of the sea.

Interspersed with lively fishing ports and colorful ships, the Breton coastline embraces the English Channel and the Atlantic Ocean for over 1,000 kilometers. Its breathtaking mosaic of landscapes is an asset. With few pedal strokes, the bike traveler is transported from the rocky and windy Côte des Légendes to the peaceful and sunny coves of Morbihan. A weighty asset, the dense network of cycle paths and small roads allows cyclists to contemplate as closely as possible the treasures of the Breton coast.

Specialists of Brittany, Abicyclette Voyages takes you to discover its region. In 6 chapters, from port to port, from Saint-Malo to La Baule, you make the complete circuit around Brittany coasts. Lulled by the lapping of the waves, the salty sea air, the song of the seagulls and the hustle and bustle of the fishing ports, crossing Brittany from port to port is a maritime experience which allows the traveler to touch, by means of the bicycle, the Breton identity.

Typical Breton ports

Throughout your Breton odyssey, you will cross ports whose hearts beat to the rhythm of the activity of fishermen. Erquy, Paimpol, Roscoff, Audierne, Le Guilvinec, Concarneau, La Trinité sur mer, La Turballe, the list goes on. At the end of the day, watch the daily display of the fishermen returning on their colorful boats. Their faces chiseled by the air of the open sea, these men are hardened by the storms and currents they face every day to fill their nets with fresh fish. However, the fishermen have a sense of hospitality and friendliness. Go to meet them and be curious; the pride for the region also comes from the pleasure of sharing and exchange.


The breathtaking mosaic of Breton landscapes

Prominent cliffs, enchanting dunes, deep estuaries and paradisiacal beaches mark the 1000 kilometers of the Breton coast. Perhaps the most famous of Brittany’s landscapes, the Pink Granite Coast, near Perros Guirec, delights travelers with its pink, orange and even glowing hues in accordance with the light. Further south, the Gulf of Morbihan, this small inland sea, offers a more peaceful but equally fascinating natural spectacle. Through its rough landscapes, the north of Finistère reveals its untamed character. The abers, the emblem of the region, adorn the Côte des Légendes. Côte d’Emeraude, Cornouailles or Amour, we could cite all of them, each with its own personality and unique landscapes. The easiest way to grasp it is to get on your bike and come and contemplate the breathtaking mosaic of Breton landscapes. 

• Generous Breton gastronomy
Drawn largely from the sea, Breton gastronomy delights visitors. Fresh fish and seafood generously garnish the plates during your gourmet stops. In the markets, bars, sea bream, sardines, mackerel, spider crabs and sea urchins color the stalls and fill the musettes of cyclists. But the Breton terroir is not limited to seafood. Unmissable, authentic Breton crêpes and galettes are a must to taste. For dessert, feast on Breton pastries including the caloric but exquisite Kouing Amann de Douarnenez. After the challenging effort of the day, Breton cuisine allows you to overcome all the cravings, to satisfy the biggest food lover and to tantalize the taste buds of the most gourmet!

The lighthouses of Brittany

On its jagged coastline, Brittany gathers more than a third of French lighthouses. Along the way, you meet a number of these giants of the seas. Built to guide boats in distress, the density of lighthouses is higher in Finistère, where the sea is rough. Technical prowess for some, hell for others, each lighthouse tells you its tormented history, often embellished with legends, rescues and tragedies.

The tallest lighthouse in Europe, the Île Vierge lighthouse is unmissable. On the island of Ouessant, Creach dazzles with the intensity of its light. Overlooking a white sand beach, don’t miss the most photogenic of all: the Pontusval lighthouse. Finally, in good weather, from Pointe du Raz, you see the most terrifying of all Armen. It is no coincidence that his successive guards dubbed it  “The Hell of Hells”.

Itineraries that follow the Breton coast

On all port-to-port series trips, we guarantee you a trip as close as possible to the coast. Beforehand, we identified each stage, each section to offer bicycle travelers the best possible route. Between cycle lanes and bucolic country roads, you evolve on the side of cliffs and follow the wild coast. These paths offer you a fabulous tête-à-tête with the Breton coast and a spectacular and continuous panorama of the sea.