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Travelling by electric bike

An electric bicycle to make cycling accessible to all. A bike that brings together couples and families with different sizes and fears in the adventure of cycling.

Electrically-assisted bicycles (EABs) have become a popular travel and vacation option in recent years. They are also becoming increasingly popular with urban cyclists looking for an environmentally friendly and practical alternative to the car or public transport. Its use is also growing among people who want to extend their sporting activities beyond a certain age when the physical limitations associated with cycling become too great.

The electric bicycle is first and foremost a bicycle. You have to pedal, and you still have to use a certain amount of gesture and muscle power to move forward. So like the bicycle, now described as muscular, it’s the best way to get around and enjoy the outdoors. It’s a great way to discover hilly destinations and cover routes of all levels.

Rent an electric bike for your next cycling vacation

The e-bike, a bike for everyone

E-bikes can be ridden in all cycling disciplines: MTB, mountain bike, gravel or road. It’s a bike that brings together many people from different backgrounds and horizons. It’s accessible to everyone, regardless of fitness level or age (starting from 14 years). Thanks to electric assistance, it’s easier to pedal, especially on hilly or steep routes, making all our cycling destinations accessible to a wider public.

“The use of electric bicycles allowed us to cover relatively long distances in just 4 days without much effort, and delighted young, old and less athletic members of the group alike! An excellent way to discover a region with a high level of comfort”.

Bénédicte, Île-de-France

A bicycle that brings people together

Regulations limit assistance to a speed of 25 km/h. For the average cyclist, this is already a sporty pace. On bike vacations, the average speed is often around 15 km/h. This means that occasional cyclists can easily ride with more experienced cyclists with the help of an electric bike.

So even if there are different levels of cycling or fitness within a couple, family or group, the electric bike can bring people together. And this applies to all levels of cycling experience on a cycling vacation. Once you’ve reached a certain age, you’ll be able to extend your adventures thanks to the assistance of an electric motor, so you can take full advantage of the joys of discovering a new region by bike.

“No difficulties, the fact of using bicycles with electric assistance allowed us to save energy for the evening, our 10-year-old nephew followed us without any problem with his bike”.

Agnès, Haut-de-Seine
Zoom on the batteries of Velo de Ville e-bikes
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Our electric bikes

Our new electric bicycles from the German brand “Vélo De Ville” are perfect for long distance cycling and touring in Brittany, Normandy, the Vélomaritime and the Loire by Bike.

Our e-bikes are equipped with an electric motor to assist propulsion. Its powerful Bosch engine is powered by a 400 Wh battery mounted on the frame. Protected by an anti-theft key lock, this battery can be recharged from a standard electrical outlet and provides a range of about one hundred kilometers, depending on how the bike is used.

The electric assistance provided by the EAB motor can be adjusted to different levels of intensity according to the rider’s needs and the road conditions. From ECO mode, which provides gentle assistance when the resistance is high, to TURBO mode, which ensures smooth pedaling on the steepest climbs, to TOUR and SPORT modes, which are recommended for longer rides. You can adjust the assistance to make it easier to climb a hill or to reduce fatigue during a long ride.

“We really enjoyed this week of cycling, accessible to all, especially with the electric assist bikes. The bikes we rented were comfortable and safe.

Sylvie, Île-de-France

Our trips for traveling by electric bike

Strictly speaking, there are no specific vacations for electric bikes. Whatever your destination, we always offer the possibility of renting an electric bicycle. So you can choose electric assistance for all your Abicyclette Voyages bike vacations.

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“The stages are relatively short on an electric bike, which means you can make the most of the great scenery!”

Yves, Switzerland