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Our cycling trips in Germany

Discover a country with varied landscapes, a welcoming people and numerous cycle paths. Between lakes, forests and mountains with a cultural heritage, discovering Germany by bike offers many surprises.

Discover Germany by bike

With its myriad of marked routes, Germany is a real paradise for cycling holidays. Discovering magnificent and varied landscapes, you can pedal peacefully on the many cycle paths in the country.

The most populous country in Europe with 83 million inhabitants, Germany is nonetheless a country with bountiful nature and many wild spaces.

Cycling through Germany means discovering a wide range of landscapes. Mountain enthusiasts focus on the south of the country where the Bavarian Alps massif sits on the border with Austria. The Black Forest massif in the southwest of the country and Saxon Switzerland near the Czech border lend themselves to steep and wild excursions.

Those looking for flatter areas go to the coasts of the North Sea or the Baltic Sea. In addition to the gentle relief, travelers appreciate the long sandy beaches, stretches of dunes and steep cliffs. In Germany, lakes and rivers are also popular with bicycle travelers because the routes are well marked and without any difficulty. Lake Constance, the Rhine-Danube valley and the Moselle are popular with cycle tourists.

Germany is also an important network of cities. Well connected to each other and easily accessible by bike thanks to quality cycling facilities, they can be easily explored by bike. There too, there is something for everyone. Berlin, the artistic, exuberant and cosmopolitan, Hamburg, the Hanseatic city of the north, Munich the conservative, Frankfurt the financial lung of the country, Dresden, the cultural, Heidelberg, the romantic, Lübeck, the medieval.

The country and its people

Germany is a land of culture and proud of its traditions. Costumed parties punctuate the life of towns and villages, in forms as diverse as parades, balls or transhumances. Oktoberfest, the beer festival that has taken place in Munich, Bavaria since 1810, is famous all over the world. It illustrates well the festive side of the Germans who like to party with a lot of hopped beverages!

Germany’s past offers visitors a wide range of places rich in history. The Holy Germanic Empire bequeathed a unique architectural heritage that can be discovered throughout the country. Over the centuries, Germany has also shone in Europe thanks to its famous composers such as Johann Sebastian Bach, Ludwig van Beethoven and Robert Schuman.

Economically dynamic, Germany is a welcoming land that will delight the traveler throughout his discoveries.



Roads and bikeways in Germany

With 10 EuroVelo routes and more than 260 cycle routes across the country, Germany is the ideal destination for cycling. This multitude of routes guides travelers to discover the varied landscapes of the country. Seas and beaches, rivers, mountains and lakes or towns and castles, you are bound to find an itinerary to suit your tastes.

Some of the most iconic EuroVelo routes that pass through Germany include:

  • EuroVélo 6 which connects the Atlantic Ocean to the Black Sea. In Germany, it meanders along the Danube and crosses Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria
  • EuroVélo 15 is the Rhine cycle route. It follows the course of the river from Switzerland to the North Sea. In Germany, it notably runs along the splendid Lake Constance and then the entire Rhine Valley.
  • EuroVelo 12 runs along the North Sea coast between Norway and Scotland. In Germany, it brushes against the North Sea coast and its immense sandy beaches
  • EuroVélo 13 is the iron curtain cycle route. On its route between Norway and Bulgaria, it delivers a poignant history lesson against the backdrop of the Cold War. Between the former GDR and the former FRG, the German part is fascinating.

German weather

Germany’s climate can be described as moderately continental with cold winters and quite hot and sometimes stormy summers. Overall, the north of the country enjoys a slightly milder climate but also more rainy and windy due to the influence of the sea.

In summer, you cycle in Germany under mild temperatures and most often under the sun even if thunderstorms can sometimes break out at the end of the day.

The 8 must-sees in Germany

The traveler in Germany will have to make choices in the face of the wealth of points of interest to visit across the country. To guide you, we recommend:

  • Lake Constance, its calmness, its beaches, its vineyards
  • Berlin, multicultural, vibrant and artistic capital
  • The Black Forest, kingdom of hiking and cycling
  • Oktoberfest, one of the most famous folk festivals in the world
  • Neuschwanstein Castle a real fairy tale
  • Konigsee Lake in the Bavarian Alps for its postcard landscapes
  • The Saxon Switzerland National Park, a rock climbing and hiking paradise near the Czech border
  • Rugen Island: Jasmund National Park and its chalk cliffs facing the Baltic