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Our cycling trips on the Mediterranean Cycle Route | EuroVelo 8

Cycle through nine sun-drenched countries, from the beaches of Spain to the ancient relics of Greece, via Italian gems such as the Cinque Terre. The ultimate cycling adventure awaits you, combining cultural diversity, breathtaking scenery and the sheer joy of cycling.

Discover EuroVelo 8

EuroVelo 8, nicknamed “Mediterranean Cycle Route“, is a transnational cycle route offering an unforgettable adventure through nine Mediterranean countries. Stretching over 5,900 kilometers, this emblematic cycle route attracts cyclists from all over the world, immersing them in an odyssey rich in cultural, scenic and historical diversity. From the golden beaches of Spain to the charming coastal villages of Croatia, from the olive groves of Italy to the historic remains of Greece, every kilometer reveals a new facet of the Mediterranean.

The adventure begins in Cadiz, on the south-west coast of Spain, where cyclists are greeted by sunny beaches and the warm atmosphere of the Iberian peninsula. From there, EuroVelo 8 winds its way through the south of France, offering panoramic views of the Mediterranean and passing through regions such as Occitanie and Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur.

The route continues along the Italian coast, passing through gems such as Cinque Terre, offering spectacular coastal views and colourful villages perched on cliffs. In Slovenia, cyclists follow picturesque roads through lush Alpine scenery, before discovering the Croatian Adriatic coast and its medieval towns.
Montenegro unveils majestic fjords and imposing mountains, while Bosnia-Herzegovina and Albania offer a fascinating cultural diversity, marked by historic remains and authentic hospitality.

In Greece, EuroVelo 8 reveals an extraordinary ancient heritage, idyllic beaches and exquisite Mediterranean cuisine. The tour ends in Cyprus, where cyclists can relax on golden beaches and explore an island steeped in history.

Cultural diversity is also a major attraction. Meet friendly locals, sample a variety of delicious cuisines and soak up the thousand-year-old history that permeates these lands. EuroVelo 8 offers a breathtaking adventure that goes beyond simply pedalling.

La Méditerranée à vélo®

La Méditerranée à vélo®, the French section of EuroVelo 8, promises cyclists a sunny experience through picturesque landscapes and culturally rich regions. The adventure begins in the south of France, on the Spanish border, where cyclists are welcomed by Mediterranean warmth and a diversity of panoramas, from the sun-drenched beaches of the Mediterranean to the verdant hills of the hinterland. Crossing iconic destinations such as Occitanie, Provence, the Alps and the Côte d’Azur, cyclists can explore renowned vineyards, picturesque medieval villages and fascinating historical sites.

Picturesque coastal landscapes unfold along the way, with possible stops in iconic destinations such as Marseille, renowned for its lively Old Port, Nice with its famous Promenade des Anglais, and Cannes, known for its world-famous film festival. The French section also offers cyclists the opportunity to venture into the hinterland, where olive groves stretch as far as the eye can see, vineyards produce renowned wines, and hilltop villages reveal the region’s authentic charm.

The Route de la Méditérannée à vélo® winds its way through sites such as the Gorges du Verdon, offering spectacular views of impressive rock formations. Cultural diversity is the order of the day. Cyclists can discover history at every turn, whether exploring the Palais des Papes in Avignon, the Roman Theater in Arles, or the Roman remains in Nîmes.

When to cycle EuroVelo 8?

The Mediterranean weather is one of the main reasons why EuroVelo 8 is so attractive. With sunny summers and mild winters. Each season offers distinct advantages, and the choice depends on your personal preferences and the conditions you’re looking for.

Spring is an ideal time to start your journey on EuroVelo 8. Mild temperatures create pleasant cycling conditions, and nature is awakening after the winter. Green landscapes and spring flowers add a touch of freshness to your itinerary. What’s more, tourist numbers are generally lower, making for a quieter experience.

Summer on EuroVelo 8 offers sunny days ideal for exploring the Mediterranean coastline. However, it is essential to take into account the summer heat, particularly in the southern regions. Sunny beaches and lively evenings can be a reward after a day’s pedalling. However, you should be prepared for a greater number of tourists.

Autumn offers an ideal compromise between temperatures that are still pleasant and a reduction in the summer heat. The countryside is bathed in autumn colours, creating a picturesque backdrop for your journey. What’s more, the number of tourists gradually diminishes, allowing you to enjoy a more tranquil experience while still benefiting from favourable conditions.

Winter can be a trickier time, as weather conditions vary considerably from region to region. Southern areas can still offer good cycling conditions, while more northerly regions can experience cooler temperatures. The less-frequented cycle paths offer a peaceful experience, but it’s crucial to be prepared for variations in the weather.

The 10 must-dos on EuroVelo 8

  • Barcelona, Spain: Start your adventure in this dynamic city, steeped in unique architecture and vibrant nightlife.
  • Cinque Terre, Italy: Discover the colourful villages nestling along the Italian coast, offering breathtaking views of the sea.
  • Dubrovnik, Croatia: Immerse yourself in medieval history as you explore this walled city and enjoy the nearby beaches.
  • Athens, Greece: Explore Greece’s rich history while sampling delicious cuisine in the capital.
  • Sandy beaches of Cyprus: Finish your trip by relaxing on the sunny beaches of Cyprus.
  • Albania: Travel through a variety of landscapes, from mountains to secluded beaches, as you discover the beauty of Albania.
  • Wild Montenegro: Explore spectacular mountain scenery and majestic fjords.
  • The Aeolian Islands, Italy: Add a touch of magic to your trip by exploring these volcanic islands.
  • Côte d’Azur, France: Experience the glamour along the French coast with its world-famous beaches and elegant towns.
  • Lakes Bled and Bohinj, Slovenia: Enjoy the natural beauty of these Alpine lakes, surrounded by impressive mountains.