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Our cycling holidays in Denmark

Explore Denmark by bike on the beautiful and long cycle paths! Connect exciting cultural hotspots through beautiful scenery!

Discover Denmark by bike

As a country of cyclists, Denmark is ideal for a cycling vacation. With an extensive network of12,000 kilometers of cycle lanes & paths, the Kingdom of Denmark offers travelers a safe environment in which to cycle. Also, Denmark is a country of plains and undulating hills. Its gentle relief makes cycling easy and accessible to as many people as possible, especially children.

Denmark consists of a mainland, the Jutland peninsula, an extension of Germany, and a constellation of 443 islands, 76 of which are inhabited. In this country of Vikings,the sea is never more than 50 kilometers away, no matter where you may be.

Cycling through Denmark means discovering a mosaic of varied and charming landscapes. The shores are numerous. The North Sea coast is very wild, with shifting sand dunes, sometimes covered with wild grass. Numerous wooded fjords carve the eastern coast of Jutland. On the southern islands, chalk cliffs and long beaches of fine sand or pebbles make up the coastline.

Exploring Denmark by bike is also about strolling through the most beautiful cities in the country on the many cycle paths that criss-cross them. Copenhagen, the capital of course, but also Aarhus, Odense, Aalborg, Roskilde or Ribe are full of charm and tourist attractions (castles, gardens, cathedrals, museums, attractions, etc.)

The country and its people

A worthy heir to the Vikings, Denmark is a country proud of its traditions. However, the Danes are progressive when it comes to human rights. They are also pioneers in environmental protection. Two examples:

  • Denmark allowed same-sex marriage as early as 1989.
  • In 2020, 75% of the country’s energy production comes from renewable energies.

The Danes like to have a good time with their loved ones, eat a hot dog or an ice cream by the sea, toasting a beer with friends. Skál !!!

The word hygge (pronounced hu-gue) represents the Danish state of mind well. Hygge means creating a warm and cozy atmosphere and enjoying the simple pleasures of life with the people you love.

Sometimes cold at first glance, the Danes are usually friendly and welcoming. They will gladly help you when needed.

Roads and bike lanes in Denmark

Despite its modest size, Denmark is criss-crossed by 4 EuroVelo itineraries.

  • EuroVelo 3: the Pilgrims’ cycle route. On a European scale, it connects Trondheim in Norway to Santiago de Compostela in Spain. In Denmark, it crosses the interior of the Jutland peninsula via the path named Hærvejen, “the route of the oxen” in English. A rural and bucolic journey.
  • EuroVelo 7: the sunny cycle route. It allows travelers to reach Malta from the North Cape in Norway. In Denmark, it passes through Copenhagen and the southern islands before reaching Berlin. A pleasant route, mostly along the sea.
  • EuroVelo 10: the Baltic cycle route. As its name suggests, this EuroVelo allows you to cycle around the Baltic Sea. In Denmark, it winds along the coasts of several islands (Funen, Ærø, Langeland, Lolland, Møn, Seeland). The route is ideal for a combination of cycling and swimming.
  • EuroVelo 12: the North Sea cycle route. It connects Bergen, in Norway, to the Shetland Islands in Scotland. In Denmark, it crosses the sandy and windy North Sea coast. A wild route between sand dunes, rugged beaches and pine forests.

These European routes are complemented by counteless regional and local routes.  Suffice it to say that you will not be disturbed by cars during your cycling vacation in Denmark.

Danish weather

Despite its geographic location in northern Europe, Denmark enjoys a temperate climate with mild and fairly sunny summers. From late May to early September, the temperature often exceeds 20°C and can rise up to 30°C. On the other hand, you are never safe from a shower because in Denmark the weather is variable. The proximity of the sea and the presence of the wind play a role in this. In summer – especially in June – the days are long. The sun rises around 4:30 a.m. and sets around 10 p.m.

Neither too hot nor too cold, the Danish climate is ideal for summer cycling.

The 8 must-sees in Denmark

The traveler to Denmark will need to make choices given the abundance of sights to visit throughout the country. To guide you, we recommend

  • Copenhagen, the Danish capital
  • Møns klint, the spectacular cliffs of the island of Møn
  • Skagen and Grenen Point, the northernmost point in the country
  • Faaborg, Svendborg and the archipelago in southern Funen including the island of Ærø
  • The Danish Renaissance castles: Frederiksborg, Rosenborg, Egeskov, Kronborg…
  • Roskilde, its fjord, its cathedral and its Viking ship museum
  • Himmelberget, its lakes, hills and forests
  • Legoland, the must-visit for Lego fans