The Vélomaritime From Roscoff to Mont Saint-Michel - 15 days

The Breton part of the Vélomaritime by bike in 2 weeks


The Breton wild coast extremely varied: Emerald Coast, Gorse Coast, Pink Granite Coast, Coast of Legends ...
The typical Breton ports: Saint-Quay-Portrieux, Cancale, Erquy, Paimpol, Roscoff ...
Cities of character: Saint-Malo, Tréguier, Dinard ...
A hilly course but accessible and fun
A signposted route

An epic journey by bike

Be among the first to discover this new route that connects the small port of Finistère, Roscoff, that has the label "small town of character" and one of the architectural wonders of this world, Mont Saint-Michel.

The route brings you to ever more surprising and changing landscapes:
– From the bay of Morlaix, you will gain the coastal road of the Plougasnou cliffs.
– From Lannion, you will follow the Pink Granite Coast to Perros-Guirec.
– The Côte d’Ajoncs, wild and intriguing will take you to the historic city of Tréguier, which has managed to preserve its timber framed houses.
– Cross the Jaudi, then the Trieux to join the Côte de Goëlo and its scallop fishing ports, from Paimpol to Saint-Brieuc.
– The Côtes de Penthièvre then Emerald will be at your fingertips: Cap d’Erquy, Cap Fréhel, exceptional untamed sites, steep cliffs, 70 meters high overlooking a pure blue sea.

The yellow gorse, the rose heather … the colors mix to offer the most beautiful pallets, whatever the sky’s mood might be.

Saint-Malo then welcomes you to its ramparts for one night where you will be well guarded. The corsair city offers a trip back in time: you can climb aboard the 47-meter-old Corsair frigate Etoile du Roy, you will certainly come across, in the old town, with a pirate or two looking for fortune seeking companions.
– The port of Cancale and its famous oysters will be the occasion of a gastronomic break.
– Mont Saint-Michel concludes in beauty this extraordinary adventure along the Brittany coast.

This trip can be done in small portions or in its entirety*. It can be extended by its Norman part and / or English. Discover other Vélomaritime :

La Vélomaritime – sport version

Discover this tour by video:


*For a stay on a portion of the itinerary, contact us or fill in the “made to measure” form. Thank you.

Carte du séjour à vélo Tour de Manche version facile
Niveau LeisureLeisure
Day 1


Arrival in Roscoff. You meet with our guide at your hotel for an orientation meeting. If you arrive early enough, take a boat to ile de Batz.

Briefing Orientation

Before your first ride, we invite you to meet one of our guides, at your place of departure. A time of exchange, a privileged moment to give you our last practical tips, must-see places and experiences, to answer all your questions, take care of your bike fitting to begin your trip.

Day 2

From ROSCOFF to MORLAIX 29km 280m Niveau Loisir

From the Roscoff port you ride along the Morlaix Bay. You’ll enjoy passing through Saint-Pol-de-Léon with its beautiful church and charming historical center. Arriving at the Morlaix port you can feel, like the sailors arriving by boat, the depth and magnitude of the valley.

  • For a few more km 38km 420m Niveau Forme

    A few more kilometers take you to Carantec, a very pleasant small family seaside town. You cross the typical village by its small streets and arrive at the front of the submersible road to Callot Island. If the sea is low, venture on it, but be careful you have to return to the mainland before the sea rises back!

Day 3

From MORLAIX to PLOUGASNOU 25km 350m Niveau Facile

Riding from view point to view point, today makes space for contemplation. On the many natural headlands along the coast you feel you could almost touch the islets. From the Barnenez peninsula in Plouezoc’h, the most important Neolithic monument in Europe, the 7000 years old Barnenez Cairn, dominates. You ride to the small village of Plougasnou and enjoy the Pointe de Trestignel.

  • For a few more km 36km 525m Niveau Loisir
Day 4

From PLOUGASNOU to LANNION 48km 600m Niveau Loisir

A few kilometers after Plougasnou are lucky enough to advance on a beautiful coastal road, built at the top of high cliffs. You reach the Grève of St. Michael where a cross stands, in the middle of the huge beach, aptly named “Croix de Mi-lieue”. Knocked down in 1944, it was found and redressed in May 1993 on the edge of what was the only possible passageway, long ago, to reach Saint-Effla. The “Grand Rocher” represents a beautiful granitic overhang towards the sea, which offers a surprising new wild landscape. You cross Lannion then its countryside which separates of Perros-Guirec and the sea. On this beautiful seaside resort, a hike awaits you on the footpath of Customs (GR34) to discover the famous chaos of the Granite Rose.

Day 5

From LANNION to PERROS-GUIREC 32km 210m Niveau Loisir

Starting from Lannion, you reach the sea in Trébeurden. The pointe de Bihit, a breathtaking site, offers a bowl of fresh air and a 180 degrees seaview. Discover the Pink Granite Coast and spectacle of the Ploumanac’h site. Leave your bike to walk along the coastal path and admire the pink rocks carved by the wind and the sea. Guess by their shapes what these natural sculptures represent.

Day 6

From PERROS-GUIREC to TREGUIER 30km 325m Niveau Loisir

You leave the beautiful seaside resort of Perros-Guirec and follow the wild coast in its irregular contours. The rose gradually withdraws and gives way to the gorse coast . You reach the tip of the Castle to discover the famous “house between the rocks”. A few steps away, the Chasm of Castel Meur. On stormy days, the sea howls with a rare intensity by the crash of the waves and the wind against the rocks. Throughout the day, many panoramas give you a breathtaking view of the horizon. You go up along the Jaudy to the small town of Tréguier. The church, the alleys and many granite and half-timbered houses are the hallmark of this village.

  • For a few more km 52km 550m Niveau Forme
Day 7

From TREGUIER to PAIMPOL 20km Niveau Loisir

You cross Tréguier, beautiful small city of character and the Jaudy which it borders. Along the Trieux, you reach the small town of Lézardrieux. Set back from the sea but bathed by the waters of the Channel, the village is perched on the edge of the estuary. You cross the Trieux and leave Trégor to join Goëlo. Paimpol is the largest port. It is on the quays that your stage ends, leaving you the end of the day to discover this fishing town.

  • For a few more km 50km Niveau Forme

    You play with the coast, enjoying both beautiful sea views and shady country roads. The Talbert groove, a sand and pebble point of great geological interest offers you a short walk where you will find yourself in the middle of the water!

Day 8

From PAIMPOL to SAINT-QUAY-PORTRIEUX 34km 370m Niveau Loisir

Today, you will discover the great cliffs of Goëlo. This is one of the most impressive stages with its grandiose maritime landscapes. The route takes you on the path of schoolchildren to the steep cliffs of Plouha. A most enjoyable way to admire once again the beauties that the channel offers you. You join the charming little port of Saint-Quay-Portrieux and its beach to end pleasantly this day.

Day 9

From SAINT-QUAY-PORTRIEUX to SAINT-BRIEUC 35km 500m Niveau Loisir

You join the charming little port of Binic. The port offers a nice stop for lunch, especially for seafood lovers, who will find fresh arrivals on the docks. The course then allows you to appreciate the architectural prowess of the early 20th century because your wheels take you on the old railway tracks of the small train of the Côtes du Nord. Majestic viaduct to span the valleys, a path carved through the rock … You return to the sea at the approach of the departmental capital Saint-Brieuc. You can thus contemplate the magnificent bay and its natural space of an exceptional richness: the big beach of the Rosaries, the Point of Pordic, the bouchot mussel farms … You go back on the historical center of Saint-Brieuc to spend the night.

Day 10

From SAINT-BRIEUC to ERQUY 45km 550m Niveau Loisir

You leave Saint-Brieuc by taking the old railway line (the little train of the northern coast). You descend in the cove of Yffiniac where a museum tells the story of the railway in Brittany. The latter has left an exceptional heritage restored for bicycles today (viaduct, tracks dug in the rock …). The cove of Yffiniac represents the bottom of the bay of Saint-Brieuc. A marsh landscape offers a natural reserve to enjoy many species of birds. You follow a steep coast before reaching the small port of Dahouët. The colors of the boats mix with each other to offer nice reflections on the water. You cross the seaside resort of Pleneuf Val-André, the opportunity to enjoy a well-deserved ice cream! There are still some beautiful hilly coastal roads before reaching the port of Erquy and its beach.

Day 11

From ERQUY to SAINT-CAST-LE-GUILDO 38km 350m Niveau Loisir

The path marked “Vélomaritime”, leads you by pathways and bike paths to Cape Fréhel. On the cliffs, 70m above the sea, you witness the unreeling of a grandiose landscape. The area leading to the Cap Fréhel lighthouse is protected. It’s made up of heather moors, gorse, broom and ferns, all contributing to a beautiful mix of colors. After the lighthouse you visit the fort of La Latte built on the coast overlooking the sea. The fort is a filming location for several famous films because its exceptional location is as interesting as its state of conservation and renovation. You go around the beautiful bay of Fresnaye where you can meet some oyster farmers at work. The arrival in Saint-Cast allows you to enjoy a beautiful beach for swimming. The family resort is lively all summer!

Day 12

From SAINT-CAST-LE-GUILDO to SAINT-MALO 43km 385m Niveau Loisir

You ride along the coast on your bike. The spikes and bays are numerous and lengthen the stages for your eyes’ pleasure, which can see an infinite variety of landscapes and colors. After a visit to Dinard you embark on the water bus with your bikes. You reach Saint-Malo.

Day 13

From SAINT-MALO to CANCALE 27km 220m Niveau Loisir

You leave the Corsair city in the morning to reach the port of Cancale. Enjoy a 26 km bike ride through countryside and seaside. Along the way some Malouinières enrich the landscape. They are beautiful 17th and 18th century houses of ship owners in Saint Malo. In the evening, park your bike on the waterfront and taste some famous oysters.

Day 14

From CANCALE to MONT SAINT-MICHEL 48km 90m Niveau Loisir

You head toward one of the architectural wonders of the world, riding on a mix of country roads and more important routes along the sea. After Cancale the route is flat. You can easily ride 50km without during the day. Halfway through you reach the Mont-Dol, a strange rock in the middle of the marsh land, which is an ideal spot for lunch. After the break, you still have a few kilometers to go through the salted marshland. You are at the foot of the Mont Saint-Michel. One last effort, on foot this time, to reach the top and its famous abbey.

Day 15


It’s the end of your stay after breakfast. You are able to enjoy a morning to visit to the Abbey which sits at the top of the Mount!

Comfort Range

Our quality standard at Abicyclette. This type of accommodation includes 2 and 3 stars hotels. Depending on the itinerary, you might spend some nights in approved guesthouses. You enjoy a double bedroom with private bathroom and toilet and adapted welcome for you and your bikes.

Accommodation example
Hôtel La Résidence des Artistes Hôtel du Port (Morlaix) Chambre et table d'hôtes La Cameline Ibis HOTEL DU PARC Goelo Ker Moor Edgar Hôtel Beauséjour (Erquy) facade de l'hôtel port-jacquet Hotel France et Chateaubriand Champlain Hôtel Gabriel

Starting from 1710€/participant in Self Guided option | See detailed prices

Essential Range

You want to enjoy your itinerary without anything fancy. Our ”essential” range offers a simple accommodation for a good night’s rest in a simple hotel, guesthouse, rest house or hostel.

Quote on request | Contact us

Privilege Range

Opt for total comfort in charming 3 and 4 star hotels which offer all the services you need and a special welcome for you and your bikes.

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Homemade and fully tested itineraries
  • Routes selected for their cycling and touristic interest entirely tested and away from traffic
  • Accomodations selected for their hospitality, atmosphere, services and quality meals
  • A flexible organisation to suit you needs and wishes: You choose the date you want to you leave on! We check the availability of each accomodation to make sure it is possible.

Close assistance
  • One of our guides greets you on your first day. He will hand out all the needed documents for the trip (hotel vouchers, maps of the area,GPS, practical guide), get you settled on your bikes (for rental bikes).
  • Phone assistance, you can reach the Abicyclette team whenever you need
  • A Luggage transfer service which respects your hours of rest (we pick them up after 10:00 and deliver them before 16:00)

Follow your itinerary anyway you like – modern, practical, traditional

GPS for cycling trips

  • We loan you a GPS so that you can easily follow your itinerary without having to look for your way around (bike support included)
  • A practical cycling guide with all the useful information (addresses, highlights for the day, topo maps, and touristic information)


You can also


On our guided tours (for groups on demand), we accompany you every step of the way
  • One of our state qualified instructor and professional cycling guide accompanies you every step of the way
  • Full board (all meals covered unless asked otherwise)
  • A picnic buffet set up for lunch with a wide choice of fresh and local produce

We offer a high-end bike rental service. Our bikes are suited for road and gravel road long-distance cycling. Fully equipped and highly reliable, they are faithful travel companions.

Trekking bike

A layed out and dynamic position

Supplied equipment per bike

  • 1 helmet
  • 1 back bag 20L (waterproof)
  • 1 front bag 4L with plastic map holder (waterproof)
  • 1 lock
  • 1 repair kit (patches, tube, tire lever)
  • 1 multi tools box
  • 1 pump
  • 1 bike computer
  • 1 bottle
Présentation de notre parc de vélo Scott Sub Cross 20

Touring bike

A straight and easy going position

Supplied equipment per bike

  • 1 helmet
  • 1 back bag 20L (waterproof)
  • 1 front bag 4L with plastic map holder (waterproof)
  • 1 lock
  • 1 repair kit (patches, tube, tire lever)
  • 1 multi tools box
  • 1 pump
  • 1 bike computer
  • 1 bottle
Vélo de voyage, position à l'hollandaise pour vacances à vélo


With an autonomy of almost 120km, cycling has never been so easy!

Supplied equipment per bike

  • 1 helmet
  • 1 back bag 20L (waterproof)
  • 1 front bag 4L with plastic map holder (waterproof)
  • 1 lock
  • 1 repair kit (patches, tube, tire lever)
  • 1 multi tools box
  • 1 pump
  • 1 bike computer
  • 1 bottle
Présentation de nos vélos électriques

Children Bike

20″ or 24″ bike

Vélo enfant 24 pouces pour vacances à vélo

Bike trailer

Abicyclette remorque enfant voyage à vélo

Getting here

Starting point

Roscoff, Finistère (29)

Coming to Roscoff by car*

From Rennes by the N12 (211 km 2h20)
From Paris by the A13 highway (575 km 6h)

Coming to Roscoff by train*

Train station in Roscoff (from Paris 5h)
TGV train station in Morlaix (from Paris 4h)

Coming to Roscoff by plane*

Airport in Brest

* Transport to your starting point can be included as an option.

Recommended equipment


  • Trekking or hybrid bike
  • 21 to 30 speeds
  • 26 or 28 inch (700) wheels

Clothing and equipment

  • Helmet (included with the rental)
  • Clothing suitable for cycling
  • Warm jacket (eg fleece)
  • Rain proof jacket
  • 1 pair of sunglasses
  • 1 pair of cycling shoes
  • 1 small backpack or panniers
  • 1 or 2 water flasks (included with the rental)
  • 1 lock (included with the rental)
  • Our reccomendation for optimal comfort:
    • 1 pair of gloves
    • 1 special pair of pants (shammy leather)
    • 1 night see fluorescent vest

Bike maintenance

  • Emergency repair kit: 2 or 3 tubes, patches, pump, tire levers, multi-tools
  • Daily use kit: cloth, brake pads, oil


  • Suitcase (for transporting personal effects in luggage transfers)
  • Change of clothes for the evening
  • Warm jacket for the evenings
  • Set of toiletries
  • Mobile phone and charger

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