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Abicyclette is the fruit of a shared passion for cycling in all its diversity, for the journey in all its curiosities. It is a thirst for encounters, discoveries, sharing and exchanges. Nine years of professional experience serving bike travelers and cyclists who allow us to offer you a complete and personalized service.

Abicyclette travel agency, specializing in cycling holidays, invites you to discover the most beautiful regions of France and some neighboring countries. Whether you are passionate about cycling, a real globe-trotter or simply love holidays in the great outdoors, our destinations, formulas and tailor-made services guarantee you a stay that suits you.

Traveling holidays, week-end with family or friends, thalasso, oenological or gastronomic stay, all our tours are carefully designed to allow you to fully enjoy your holidays. Our team is at your service and accompanies you at every moment, from concept to completion, for your greatest comfort.

History and philosophy

Abicyclette, the first sensations

At the time of long summer holidays, I remember that my bicycle already represented the symbol of freedom. The only vehicle that was accessible to us when all we knew was elementary school. The bike opened up the perspectives in space, allowed exploration, with brothers, cousins, friends, of new playgrounds.

A few minutes in front of the achievements of the Tour de France champions on the ramps of Galibier or Tourmalet were enough for us to organize a sprint that would see the distribution of a yellow T-shirt to the winner. Cycling then becomes a sport, whether it is considered leisure or competitive, whether it follows paths or roads. In the end, the same joys, those of freedom, the crossing of infinite spaces, the taste for striving, the complicity that is created in the adventure …

Abicyclette, a story of friendship

Encounters give birth to projects. Ideas take shape in exchanges.
At the beginning of 2010, the bicycle travel agency was created and takes shape through its first website www.travelingexperience.com. Fabien then develops with Sébastien a Breton catalog of bike traveling, cycling and mountain bike trips.
With the agency making itself known and the demands being more numerous, the catalog is enriched, exceeding the regional borders and reaching the banks of the Loire, the Dordogne, the Marne, the Rhone …
The team then expands to see a 10-year friendship professionally brought together. Fabien, Pierre and Nicolas combine their skills to develop new trips and services.

Abicyclette owes a lot to Brittany

Brittany is a land of cycling. Champions, races, stages of the Tour de France, show each year the importance of Brittany in this sport and the close link that unites them. It is undeniably Brittany that is at the origin of our passion for cycling. Without it, we would certainly practice another sport today. So what more natural than to thank her than by offering her bike visitors.
Our little queen offers viewpoints, encounters, unique emotions. It is a pleasure today to share with other cycling lovers the most beautiful trails, the most beautiful roads that have linked us forever to cycling. The diversity of Brittany, by its nature, its changing lights, from the cliff circuit to the narrow paths of the peaks of the Monts d’Arrée, offers us new pleasures at each turn of the wheel.

Abicyclette on the banks of the Loire

Pierre & Nicolas grew up on the banks of the Loire. At a young age, they roamed the banks of this bright, impetuous river on their bikes. At the time, the route of “Loire by bike” did not exist. But already many cyclists rode from castle to castle, in this UNESCO World Heritage Site.
When the Abicyclette project was born, the Loire by bike had already seen hundreds of thousands of cyclists. Pierre & Nicolas have naturally put their knowledge and their know-how to guide you in this region that they adore. This is why their itineraries often step out of the official itinerary, they have so much for you discover around!

Abicyclette, the story continues

Today, Fabien, Pierre, Nicolas, Jean-Paul, Julien and all their partners work every day to offer you a quality service in the organization of your trip whatever your level, budget or desires. Ideas for stays to offer others or oneself, innovative and practical services for your greatest satisfaction, the best reward for their efforts. The story continues with you …