Solo trips

Cycling stays and weekends for your solo bike getaways.

You don’t have a travel companion, or you’ve chosen to travel alone for its many advantages? At Abicyclette Voyages, we felt it was important to offer you the widest possible catalog of solo tours.

All our holidays in France are available for solo travellers. For other destinations, we work with our local partners to make this possible, but there are exceptions. We invite you to contact us to discuss your project.

How are the prices for solo cycling trips displayed and calculated?

  • Our STARTING FROM prices are individual rates, based on a double occupancy (2 participants sharing a double room and all fixed costs).
  • Your solo rate is made up of this single base and a supplement to include the full cost of your single rooms and fixed costs.
  • For each stay, you can refer to the “See detailed prices” section, then select “1 traveler” to obtain the solo rate.

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Un cycliste se dirige vers le Mont-Saint-Michel via la piste cyclable

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Getting started on the solo journey

Are you itching to go on an adventure but can’t find a travel companion? For singles and couples alike, this situation happens regularly. The reasons are various. Your partner is allergic to cycling, your friends are not available at the same times as you, your brothers and sisters want to laze at the beach while you dream of an active vacation full of discoveries.
Two solutions are available to you. Passive, the first is to stay docked. To wait. To champ at the bit. Expect that one day, perhaps, a travel partner will be available to accompany you on your travel plans.
The second is to move forward. What if you set off on your own to fulfill your travel and adventure dreams?

In our team, Constance experimented with solo travel during a cycling trip to discover the Loire Valley. A little uneasy at first, she returned to the office delighted with her journey. In her story, she hammers home the message: to try solo travel is embrace it! What if you too tried the experiment?

Why travel solo?

Carry out your travel desires and dreams

We all have travel desires and dreams. Traveling alone should not quench your thirst for a getaway. When traveling as in life, if you are always waiting for a sidekick to embark on a project, you can wait a while before all the elements are in place to complete it together. Life is short, and the opportunity to take the trip you care about may not come again. So take hold of your destiny and go for it!

Enjoy unlimited freedom

Traveling solo provides a feeling of greater freedom. Freed from the compromises and social pressure involved in community living, solitary travelers are the sole captains of their adventure. Alone at the helm, they let themselves be guided by the flow of their current desires and aspirations. Free, they sail at their own pace without depending on others. They decide the course and dictate the transience of their saga.

More encounters

Often, the fact of leaving accompanied does not encourage reaching out to others. We tend to focus on people we know. It’s more reassuring. Conversely, the solitary traveler goes more naturally towards others. They easily break the ice that freezes encounters. With other travelers they have met along the way, they share their personal favorites, anecdotes and disappointments. And in order to learn more about the customs of the region they are discovering, they ask the local people.
Also, those who travel alone attract more curiosity. Surprised to see the lonely traveler, people spontaneously come to meet them to learn about their background, their motivations and what drives them. And this is even more true when a woman is traveling alone.

Live a rich experience on self-knowledge

Most travelers who have tried it alone confirm it: traveling alone helps you get to know yourself better. This one-on-one with yourself is an opportunity to identify what you like and what your deepest desires are, or on the contrary to put into words what bothers us and our buried fears. Traveling alone is a rewarding experience of personal introspection that offers a unique opportunity to reconnect with oneself.

So, are you ready to give it a try?