Our cycling holidays in England

A rich cultural cycling adventure in the English countryside

Explore England on our cycling holidays and experience an adventure that reveals the diversity and beauty of this country in a whole new light. From lush green hills to windswept coastlines, discover enchanting landscapes and authentic encounters with English culture.

Discover England by bike

England, located on the southern part of the island of Great Britain, is a country rich in history, culture and diversity. With a history stretching back thousands of years, England has been the cradle of many key events that have shaped the modern world. Its urban landscape is marked by a harmonious combination of tradition and modernity, with iconic monuments such as London’s Tower Bridge and the majestic Canterbury Cathedral. Constitutional monarchy, with royalty as its emblematic figure, is a distinctive feature of the country’s political and cultural life.

England is also renowned for its significant contribution to the arts, literature and music. Writers such as William Shakespeare and legendary musical groups such as the Beatles have left an indelible mark on the world’s artistic scene.

England’s vast natural spaces offer a living canvas of varied landscapes, inviting adventurers to explore its verdant hills, picturesque coastlines and much more. National parks such as the Peak District, Yorkshire Dales and South Downs offer winding trails amid breathtaking panoramas, where walkers and nature lovers can immerse themselves in soothing tranquillity.

As for the coasts, they unveil diverse shores, from the craggy cliffs of the Jurassic Coast to the golden beaches of Devon and Cornwall. These coastlines evoke centuries-old maritime histories and offer idyllic getaways. Holy Island, also known as Lindisfarne, is a destination steeped in history and spirituality. Berwick-upon-Tweed, a border town with an eventful history, boasts a fascinating coastline with historic ramparts and tranquil beaches.

The country and its people

The cultural diversity that characterizes the country is reflected in its people, creating a vibrant multicultural community. The English are often described as warm and welcoming. Tea is a cultural institution, and the afternoon tea break is often considered a sacred moment.

The English sense of humor is often subtle and tinged with irony, which manifests itself in their art of comedy, from stand-up to iconic TV series. Sports also play a major role in English culture, whether it’s football, cricket, rugby or tennis. Traditions, whether linked to the monarchy, local festivals or regional customs, are respected and celebrated with enthusiasm.

On the gastronomic front, the English have broadened their culinary palette over the centuries, integrating diverse influences into their traditional cuisine. The traditional English breakfast is an institution, consisting of bacon, eggs, sausages, beans and mushrooms, offering hearty energy to start the day. Iconic dishes such as fish and chips are popular throughout the country, offering a delicious combination of breaded fish and crispy French fries.

Pubs, on every corner, are a must for savoring traditional English cuisine. Pies also feature prominently, with variations ranging from beef and ale to spinach and cheese.

Cycle routes in England

England has an extensive network of roads and cycleways that appeal to cycling enthusiasts, offering diverse routes through varied landscapes:

  • The National Cycle Network, run by the charity Sustrans, is one of the most extensive networks of cycle routes in the world, comprising thousands of kilometers of paths, greenways and shared roads. These signposted routes pass through national parks, historic towns, rural areas and coastal zones, offering cyclists a varied experience.
  • EuroVelo 1, also known as the Vélodyssée, runs along the Atlantic coast from Norway to Portugal, with a significant section crossing England. Cyclists can venture along the English coast, discovering exceptional marine panoramas, peaceful beaches and picturesque coastal towns. The route offers a cross-border cycling experience, allowing cyclists to discover a diversity of cultures and landscapes.
  • EuroVelo 12, known as “The North Sea Route”, also crosses England along the east coast. This cycling route offers travelers the chance to pedal along beaches, cross nature reserves and visit historic ports.

English weather

The weather in England is renowned for its variability, with days offering a mixture of sunshine, rain and clouds, even on the same day. The climate is influenced by the proximity of the sea and the Atlantic winds, which can lead to changeable conditions. England offers a relatively long cycling season, with moderate temperatures throughout the year.

The summer months, from June to August, are generally the best for cycling, with longer days, pleasant temperatures and less precipitation. The Lake District in north-west England is ideal during this period, with its majestic hills, sparkling lakes and charming villages. If you prefer a coastal experience, the trails of south-west England offer stunning sea views and spectacular cliffs.

In autumn and winter, cyclists can enjoy the unique experience of riding through lush green landscapes in light rain, creating a refreshing and soothing atmosphere. Sherwood Forest, in central England, is a charming destination to explore in these seasons, with its quiet forest paths and peaceful atmosphere. The Norfolk Broads, with their serene waterways, also offer a picturesque getaway all year round.

The 10 must-sees in England

England is packed with must-see sites, combining history, culture and natural beauty. Here are just a few of the iconic places to visit:

  • London: the British capital offers a host of must-see sights, including Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London, the British Museum, the London Eye and the famous Big Ben.
  • Stonehenge: a mysterious prehistoric site of megaliths on Salisbury Plain, fascinating for its history and unique architecture.
  • The Lake District: a region of hills, lakes and picturesque villages, offering magnificent scenery, superb walks and literary inspiration, notably for William Wordsworth.
  • The Cotswolds: a collection of picturesque stone villages in south-west England, renowned for their rustic charm and bucolic landscapes.
  • The Jurassic Coast: a UNESCO World Heritage Site, offering spectacular cliffs, secluded beaches and fossils dating back millions of years.
  • Oxford and Cambridge: home to two of the world’s most prestigious universities, with picturesque university colleges, historic libraries and a unique academic atmosphere.
  • Stratford-upon-Avon: the birthplace of William Shakespeare, with his birthplace and the Royal Shakespeare Theatre.
  • Bath: famous for its well-preserved Roman baths, Georgian architecture and Bath Abbey.
  • Cornwall: a coastal region in the far southwest of England, offering stunning beaches, rugged cliffs and a relaxed atmosphere.
  • Liverpool: a port city famous for the Beatles, with attractions including the Beatles Story Museum and the legendary Cavern Club.