Road bike trips

Echappée Cycliste® trips to set off on great sporting adventures.

Echappée Cycliste®, road bike trips

Do you cycle regularly and, during your holidays, want to experience the adventure of trips or training courses for experienced riders? Discover our  trips which offer true cycling stages and allow you to alternate between sport, culture and gastronomy. Enjoy beautiful outings with friends or as a couple and, after the effort, enjoy the comfort of an accommodation selected by us.

The spirit of bicycle travel at Abicyclette Voyages

Our cycling trips are sporting adventures. They combine the pleasure of discovering a large territory with the personal challenge of a journey where the the terrain and distance require the body, head and legs to fully express themselves.

At Abicyclette Voyages, we are passionate about cycling races, the Belgian, Italian and French classics, the great tours that make the history of this sport. Paris-Roubaix is ​​one of the important dates of the year, booked on the calendar because we wouldn’t want to have an endless family meal that Sunday!

If you are looking for long straight lines with immaculate tarmac, continue on your way.

It’s the roads that draw the most beautiful races. Of course, riders are expected to race to make it thrilling. But to cross the 20th century, the great classics needed roads that can only offer an epic show. Raising the five most fascinating to Monument status.

This is also what we want from our routes on your stays and trips. As our saying goes, “life is too short to ride boring roads”. Inspired by our Land of Cycling that is Brittany and its network of incredible secondary roads, we are looking for the most fun roads in each trip: narrow, winding, hilly, secret. We will also look for summits and panoramas. Ride each outing like a classic, where you always have to go the extra mile, stay focused and keep your eyes wide open because history and nature surprise you at every crossroads.

Life is too short to ride boring roads

If you are looking for long straight lines with immaculate tarmac, continue on your way. Here the roads turn, climb, descend, sometimes letting a little grass regain its right in the middle and on the edges. The roads are asphalted but rarely new. The advantage is that at the same time we move away from our dear motorists, making our day safer.

5 exceptional cycling destinations around the world

  • France
  • Italia – Italy
  • Mallorca (España) – Majorca (Spain)
  • The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
  • 日本 – Japan

5 cycling destinations to explore in France

  • Alps
  • Brittany
  • Corsica
  • Provence
  • Pyrenees