Feedback on the Festive 500 Rapha Challenge

Getting from Christmas to the last day of the year on a bike is the mad challenge of the Rapha Festive 500. Five hundred kilometers of pedal strokes to wedge between the festivities. This is something to make this end of the year even more attractive. Bike rides that never fail to deliver on their promise. And this year even more, with a sad record, that of the hottest temperatures ever recorded over the last eight days of December. Bare ears and bare hands on the hoods, we left the winter jackets in the closet and even nonchalantly enjoyed a coffee on the terrace in the port of Le Croisic.

If we had to give only one piece of advice to succeed in this Festive 500, it would be to get on the saddle from day one and ride hard, at least a hundred kilometres, because there will obviously be a before and a after uncorked bottles. And don’t count on the 25th, we don’t want to upset granny. For the rest, it’s a slalom between the weather, the opulence of meals and family obligations (if you have the luxury of a few vacations during the holidays of course). For this challenge, all excuses are good to get on the bike: going to meet old friends in an ecological way, introduce a loved one to a 200 kilometer certificate, work up an appetite or on the contrary burn off that slice of cake that you could not refuse your uncle on the threat of not being invited the following year.

The Festive 500 is more than a sporting challenge, it’s an experience in itself. And in particular that of riding with all reflectors on deck! Vests and other reflective accessories are a must during this Festive because there is, a priori, never enough daylight to make it happen. During the winter solstice, you have to get along with the night. With a starry sky and moonlight as your only lightpost, the adventure is guaranteed! The Festive 500 is a way to restore the stripes of the end-of-year celebrations and rediscover the magic of Christmas. The excitement of a week on the bike, a training pace worthy of a pro, the pleasure of sharing effort and comfort, the joy of having fun on your cherished two-wheeled toy , recall the Christmases of our childhood. For the most passionate who will have been spoiled, it is also a way to christen as quickly as possible the presents received under the tree: jerseys, socks, gloves, bibs…

The Festive 500 is above all a chance to treat yourself to an unforgettable memory through an adventure that can reveal many surprises. Each Festive 500 has a special flavor. The imagery and sensations are never the same. The pleasure always remains intact.

The Festive 500 is a free challenge conceived and managed by Rapha, the famous luxury cycling clothing brand, created in London in 2004. It is certified by sharing your bike rides on the Strava app. There’s nothing to win (apart from participating in a draw to win an OPEN U.P. bike), so for sure, do it for yourself, it’s the best gift you can give yourself for Christmas!