Best wishes for 2023

The small things that change everything

Dear friends, dear partners, dear customers, we wish you a very happy new year 2023. May it be pleasant and exciting!

This new year certainly has many surprises in store for you and at Abicyclette Voyages we wish you very good ones. But 2023 will mostly be what you decide to make of it. In any case, we wish you to take care of yourself, with audacity, optimism and commitment.

At Abicyclette Voyages, we believe in mad hope and the power of the collective. Finding solutions is a great source of motivation. We believe that tomorrow is neither better than today nor worse than yesterday. It’s simply what we decide it to be, through small daily gestures, those small things that change everything. At Abicyclette Voyages we know that happiness is often only a few pedal strokes away.

Inspiring a better world through cycling

At Abicyclette Voyages, we believe in the power of cycling as a way to appease the world; to soothe bodies and souls, nature, the countryside and the city, the planet… We are convinced that cycling contributes to making our world fairer, healthier, more pleasant and above all more sustainable. Also, we will continue, with you, to inspire it. Inspire it wherever its practice can help or bring solutions. Further emotions, meetings, exchanges, mutual aid, mobility, health, culture, well-being, humility, fulfillment and self-transcendence, respect and benevolence…

By soothing the body, soothing the mind, providing spatial and temporal vision, your next bike trip is sure to be one of the best cards to play for yourself.

Very happy new year 2023. Stay in the saddle and be well.

On behalf of the entire Abicyclette Voyages team

Fabien Leduc, Passionate Founder