Our cultural recommendations Part 3: Books

Reading is traveling. To travel in very different worlds, and even sometimes to live authentic adventures. According to our wishes, we may choose to travel around the world or travel in an imaginary world. Reading is about having fun and being able to get away for a few moments. It is for this reason that the Abicyclette Voyages team shares with you its favorite books on travel.


The World by Hitchiking - Ludovic Hubler

“The World by Hitchhiking” by Ludovic Hubler

With a bag on his back and a thumb in the air, this 24-year-old young Alsatian decides to explore the world. A business school graduate , Ludovic could, like most of his classmates, embark on professional life and embark on a career in commerce or finance. However, passionate about geography, he has a dream: to discover the world! So he made a bet: go around the world without spending a penny on transportation. To travel from one continent to another or to cross deserts, his best ally remains his thumb. Sailboat hitchhiking to cross the oceans, icebreaker-hitchhiking to get to Antarctica, or dromedary-hitchhiking in the heart of the Sahara, nothing prevents him from moving forward. During this trip, the encounters are numerous: some will remain friends, others will give him some cold sweats. His most beautiful encounter? Surely that of the Dalai Lama in person. In total, 170,000 kilometers traveled, 59 countries crossed and more than 1,300 drivers met. These 5 years of travel were for him “5 years at the University of Life”. Constance and Valentin loved this story!

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“Around the World in Eighty Days” by Jules Verne

David read this book over twenty years ago and what he still appreciates today is the description of the different atmospheres of the regions crossed as well as the means of transport used (train, steamer. ..). Indeed, this adventure novel tells the story of the world tour of Phileas Fogg, an English gentleman, who bet to make it in 80 days. This extraordinary journey was made possible thanks to the transportation revolution of the 19th century. The new means of transport marking this period of history (such as railways and steamships) as well as the opening of the Suez Canal considerably shorten the time required to travel the world. England, India, China, Japan, United States … We follow with pleasure the pitfalls and setbacks of Phileas Fogg and his valet, Jean Passepartout.

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 Epic Bike Rides of the World - Lonely Planet

“Epic Bike Rides of the World” by Lonely Planet

Marine got this beautiful book from her brother for Christmas. It features a multitude of bike tours to discover around the world. The descriptions of the routes are accompanied by sublime photos, which makes you want to go on an adventure. Very beautiful routes, for all tastes and levels. The undecisive like Marine will certainly want to go on an adventure!

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