Our favorite destinations for cycling in Spring

femme à vélo

In spring, nature wakes up and reveals all its beauty. The days are getting longer, the sunshine is increasing and the temperatures are milder. In some parts of Europe, the temperatures become pleasant and even invite you for a swim. Make the most of this season to sail towards new horizons. In France or in Europe, spring is something to celebrate!

The Abicyclette Voyages team has selected for you destinations where it is nice to travel by bike in the spring. In France and in Europe, the possibilities are numerous.

A cycling trip to France in the spring?

Brittany, an ideal region for taking a breath of fresh air and traveling by bike in the spring.

For Constance and Vincent, Brittany is an ideal region to take a deep breath of fresh air at this time of year. You can recharge your batteries and enjoy the diversity of landscapes in the region. During your stay, you will see that Brittany is both a historical, natural, untamed and urban region. Admittedly, on a bike you are not immune to a shower or two, but it is the perfect opportunity to stop at a café to mingle with the locals or simply to enjoy some rest.

For Vincent, the Gulf of Morbihan, and more particularly the Presqu’ile de Rhuys, is the ideal place for spring rides combining culture, nature and gastronomy. You can contemplate the castles of Truscat, Kerlevénan or Suscino, which prove that the Dukes of Brittany already appreciated this isthmus. In addition, the ornithological reserves will delight nature lovers. Sometimes forgotten, to the east of the peninsula, the commune of Tour du Parc, which can be easily reached from Sarzeau, owes its name to its proximity to one of the old walls of the hunting parks of the castle of Suscinio. From Banastère to the tip of Pen Cadenic extends an oyster farming area where you can sit on terraces equipped to taste some oysters or other shellfish accompanied by a good glass of wine!

Spring landscapes in Brittany
© Abicyclette Voyages

The Atlantic Coast, from Bordeaux to Biarritz.

For Marine, the Atlantic coast is the ideal place to spend a few days in the spring. With a passion for the seaside, the Vélodyssée is a circuit that is one of the destinations she would choose to discover in the spring. Season of love, budding trees and the first rays of sunshine, spring is a time of year that she particularly likes. Fully marked, signposted and flat, the Vélodyssée from Bordeaux to Biarritz is a quiet circuit where it is pleasant to let yourself be guided. Cross the Landes forest, follow the large fine sandy beaches and the ocean… A wonderful odyssey where “we take the lead”.

Picture of the Velodysee in the Spring.
©La-Vélodyssée – Aurelie-Stapf

Springtime in Provence.

For David and Valentin, spring is certainly the best time of year to discover Provence by bike. The mildness of its climate is a major asset. But it is not the only one as Provence invites you to discover and relax. The sun, very often at the rendezvous, invites you to take full advantage of your breaks on the sunny terraces of the region during your rides. This season also allows you to avoid the crowds of tourist sites and to fully enjoy the small villages with Provencal charm, the many natural wonders and the restaurants offering you the unique flavors of regional cuisine.

Provence landscapes in the Spring
© Abicyclette Voyages

The most beautiful countries in Europe in spring.

Denmark, a superb destination for cycling in the spring:

For Valentin, a lover of Scandinavian countries, Denmark lends itself rather well to cycling trips in the spring. From the end of April, the vegetation blooms, the days get longer, and the Danes finally enjoy beautiful days after a rather harsh winter. Many cycle tracks and routes mark out this flat and slightly undulating country where the sea is never more than 50 kilometers away. Small in size, Denmark is nevertheless full of a wide range of landscapes (lakes, fjords, chalk cliffs, sand dunes, pine forests, etc.) and has a total of nearly 500 islands where it is great to ride a bike on sunny days. ! Finally, don’t miss Copenhagen, the capital, renowned for its exceptional living environment and its pelotons of cyclists at all hours of the day and night.

Denmark in spring.
© Abicyclette Voyages

The Algarve, region of southern Portugal.

For Constance, to take full advantage of the richness of the Algarve, spring is the ideal season. Far from the high heat of summer and the hordes of tourists, you can only appreciate the country. The immense cliffs, the heavenly beaches, the crystal clear waters are the major assets of this region of southern Portugal. In this extremely varied and diversified region you can enjoy both splendid natural landscapes and small traditional fishing villages. During this season, you also benefit from privileged exchanges with the locals and taste the local cuisine.

Biking in Portugal in the spring
© Abicyclette Voyages

With all these travel inspirations, take advantage of the first beautiful days of spring to take a nice bike trip.