Our Best Wishes for 2020

Our Best Wishes for 2020

Ride your adventures !

We would like to share our best wishes for 2020 and wish you another intense decade of exploration!

2010 – 2020

10 years ago, in January 2010, we were hard at work to put our website online and offer our first bike trips. It was still too early to send you our new year wishes, we did not know most of you yet.

“What meetings we had in 10 years!”

We are fortunate to share your great stories and bike adventures that may be part of who you are today, and that are sure to be part of who we are.

Abicyclette Voyages was a bit of a crazy project in 2010, with no support from the banks and no investor. Passion, our friendships, the desire to share our experiences and our services with you, and of course your trust, made this project possible. We are proud and happy of our journey through this first decade with you and even more motivated to live intensely the one that begins!

2020 – 2030

We are confident that the bicycle which has just celebrated its 200th anniversary will experience a new golden age during this decade. Like us, you certainly read every week, a whole lot of depressing reasons, that come from good intentions, to convince us to finally get on the bike and thus participate in the energy saving effort. At Abicyclette Voyages, we believe that there are above all motivating reasons to get on and stay on the saddle:
>The pleasure of enjoying the outdoors and getting in touch with the world and nature
> The deep feeling of freedom that the freewheel offers, the feeling for the infinite that the bicycle offers
> The pleasure of the simple feeling of speed and power released from our moving bodies
> The exploration and discovery of new spaces and authentic territories inaccessible to any other form of travel
> The joy of sharing and relating your cycling adventures

Sharing these joys and feelings with you is an infinite source of motivation to continue to support you in the organization of your cycling holidays for the next 10 years and beyond. This is why we continue our explorations of new destinations and creation of new trips, our recruitments and the training of new employees. We also remain committed to our communities through material support and involvement in the promotion of bicycle routes.

A big thank you for your confidence and we hope to see you very soon in the organization and at the start of your new cycling adventure.

On behalf of the entire Abicyclette Voyages team,
Fabien Leduc
Passionate founder