10 Ideal Destinations for a first bike trip

Bike travel destination

Are you new to cycling and only have moderate cycling experience? It’s hard to choose your destination when cycling is still unknown to us! Don’t worry, at Abicyclette Voyages we have concocted a selection of the 10 best destinations for a first bike trip.

To do this, we have chosen the best developed and signposted routes on which we find little elevation difference. All these routes are family-friendly and suitable for the youngest audience. They are therefore very suitable for beginners. Come on, let’s take a look at our top 10 destinations for a first bike trip!

The Loire by Bike®

An accessible and family-friendly route, the Loire by Bike® no longer needs to build its reputation. Discover its most beautiful castles, the whole of the Loire Valley is well developed with cycling infrastructures. Accommodation dedicated to travelers facilitates the experience for a first approach to travel cycling.

This route created in 1995 takes you along the Loire in the heart of the wild and natural landscapes of the river, its castles and its troglodyte villages.

At Abicyclette Voyages, we offer many stays on the Loire à Vélo and its castles.

The Canal des deux Mers®

Along the Garonne canal, from Toulouse to Bordeaux, the route is well thought-out and accessible to all audiences. In the heart of the villages of the south-west, treat yourself to local and regional specialties, the centerpiece of which is duck.

Between the two cities, you move along the Canal then on the magnificent Roger Lapédie track, an old railway line transformed into a cycle path. On the route, you can stroll through the pretty town of Montauban, cross the Tarn with the superb Cacor canal bridge and discover the impressive Sauve-Majeure abbey.

La Vélodyssée®

A family route, the Vélodyssée® takes you along the Atlantic Coast to the most beautiful wild beaches on the coast. From Roscoff, the cycle route heads south for more than 1200 km, first taking the Nantes to Brest Canal, before joining the sea at Saint-Brévin-les-Pins and then heading towards Hendaye following the coast.

1200 km long, it is easy to cover certain sections thanks to the various train stations present on the route. At Abicyclette Voyages, we offer several stays on the Vélodyssée, an exceptional itinerary for a first experience.

The Somme Valley Cycle Path

The Somme Valley Cycle Path is interesting for a first cycling trip because it is short, easy and well developed. It allows you to have a first approach to travelling by bicycle during a journey of two or three days!

Along the Somme, the route progresses within a wooded environment richly populated by various species of birds. The nature reserves along the way are also known for birdwatching!

Before reaching the magnificent Baie de Somme, the city of Amiens deserves a short detour to its hortillonnages, floating gardens in the city center. In Saint-Valery-sur-Sommes, take the time to enjoy the beauty of the landscapes but also to go and watch the seals, which there are plenty of in the Bay.

The Rhine Cycle Route

The Rhine cycle route (or EuroVelo 15) is the first European cycle route to have obtained the EuroVelo certification. From the source of the river in Switzerland to its mouth in the Netherlands, the cycle route takes you through varied landscapes along the Rhine.

In Switzerland, the route is enhanced by the Rhine Falls and the magnificent Lake Constance before crossing France in the heart of the Alsatian vineyards then Germany along the water and historic cities. The last strech takes you to Rotterdam before reaching the Rhine delta.

For a first cycling trip in France, discover our cycling trips in Alsace.

The Ille et Rance canal

With its 192 km, the Ille et Rance canal is equipped for cyclists from Rennes to Saint-Malo. An easy and family friendly route, it offers you the possibility of having a great first experience of cycling by following the towpaths.

On the route, you will find lock keepers’ houses often covered in flowers before arriving in the magnificent city of Dinan. The Emerald Coast is only a few pedal strokes away. Approaching Dinard, the atmosphere changes. The lock houses give way to prestigious villas on the Channel coast before reaching the historic port city of Saint-Malo.

EuroVelo 6 from Passau to Vienna

Do you want to go to Austria for your first bike trip? The Danube Cycle Route is a destination that suits you. In Austria, the route is varied with its vineyards, its mountainous landscapes or its historic towns brightened up by the colorful facades of the buildings.

On the road, the points of interest are many and varied. From wine tastings in the Wachau Valley to the impressive Melk Abbey, you won’t have time to get bored before arriving in the beautiful city of Vienna.

If you think this could be your destination, Abicyclette Voyages offers you a stay along the Danube.

La Vélo Francette®

Elected best cycle route in Europe in 2017, Vélo Francette® has developed a whole range of services for bicycle travellers. With a length of 600 km, the route links the English Channel to the Atlantic, from Ouistreham to La Rochelle.

Departing from the landing beaches, this cycle route promises to be rich in discoveries with a getaway in Norman Switzerland where the medieval city of Domfront awaits you. Then the Norman hills give way to the castles of the Loire and its troglodyte cities. Finally, you will discover the natural spaces of the Marais Poitevin with its Green Venice, before returning to the ocean in the beautiful city of La Rochelle.

The ViaRhôna®

Pleasant and family friendly itinerary, embark on a gentle crossing of the south-east of France along the Rhône river. A 700 km route in France, the ViaRhôna is an integral part of EuroVelo 17, a trans-European cycle route that starts at the source of the Rhône, in Switzerland.

From Lake Geneva to the Camargue, you ride without major difficulty through the highest snow-capped peaks of the Alps and the hills of the wine estates of Provence. Along the way, many historic towns invite you to explore. You end in style with the observation of pink flamingos in the Camargue, where the Rhône forms a delta.

At Abicyclette Voyages, we offer several stays on the ViaRhôna®.


Departing from Paris, the Veloscenic route takes you to Mont-Saint-Michel via nearly 450 km of cycle route. Ideal route for beginners, several alternatives are offered to you according to your level and allow you to consider the adventure with your family.

Nicknamed “the great show route”, the Veloscenic will surprise you. After a few pedal strokes, Paris quickly moves away to give way to the calm of the Rambouillet forest where it is not uncommon to come across a few deer. Many historic cities and castles flourish along the route, offering you interesting and enriching stops.

Have you found your destination for your first bike trip? We are ready to hear your projects to offer you custom cycling trips or ready to roll bike trips!