They traveled by bike this autumn!

Cyclists admire an Italian valley and its vineyards
©Constance Abicyclette Voyages

Traveling by bike in autumn is the ideal time to enjoy pleasant temperatures and contemplate the changing colors of the landscape. It’s also the perfect time to discover new seasonal flavors such as wines, chestnuts and pumpkins….

Marie, Constance and Chloé, who recently took to the autumn roads by bike, tell us about their trip.

From Nantes to Rennes via the modern crossing of an old country

Marie tells us about her autumn bike journey

Portrait de Marie Abicyclette Voyages

Marie, Sales and Production Assistant at Abicyclette Voyages, shares her experience of cycling the A Modern Journey Through and Old Land itinerary:

“I cycled from Nantes to Rennes. This route always follows a river: the Loire, the Atlantic, the Oust, the Vilaine and the Manche. The route is flat and suitable for families. Along the way, we can contemplate numerous works of contemporary art and exhibitions. We passed through small towns of character such as La Roche-Bernard and Piriac-sur-Mer.”

What were the different stages of your stay?

Map showing Marie's itinerary

Day 1: Nantes

Guided bike tour of Nantes along the green line and discovery of the Île aux Machines.

Day 2: Nantes  – Piriac-sur-Mer

Visit St-Nazaire: its port and the Escal’Atlantic museum, the Bay of Guérande and Piriac-Sur-Mer.

Day 3: Piriac-Sur-Mer – Rennes

La Roche Bernard, Brain-sur-Vilaine with its “Émoi des Arts” exhibition, and the Vilaine valley.

Day 4:  Rennes

Visit Rennes: its historic city center, the Thabor park and a stroll along the banks of the Vilaine.

What was your equipment?

I was equipped to adapt to different weather conditions. In the morning, it was a little cooler, but you warm up quickly when you’re pedaling, and in the afternoon, the temperatures were very pleasant. I brought with me :

How do you feel about this adventure at this time of year?

I really enjoyed traveling at this time of year, because it was less crowded and very pleasant and relaxing! The atmosphere is rather calm, with less hustle and bustle. In autumn, I found the Vilaine valley to be very pleasant, full of trees and beautiful colors! The landscapes are varied: seaside, salt marshes, forests and the Brière regional nature park. We were able to enjoy the fine weather, albeit with a little rain. But as we all know, Brittany sometimes lets us experience 4 seasons in one day!

One of Nantes' mechanical machines depicting a sloth
©Marie Abicyclette Voyages

Loire by Bike: 

Chloé tells us about her autumn bike journey

Portrait de Chloé, Abicyclette Voyages

Chloé, Sales and Travel Consultant at Abicyclette Voyages, also takes a look back at her wonderful adventure along the Loire à Vélo :

“I set off on my first cycling trip, a week-long itinerant tour. With my partner, we linked Blois to Saumur. In total, 211 km covered over 5 days for the great sportsmen that we are (ironic, of course!). We passed through some of the little-known places that the Loire by Bike offers us, so cute, so close to home, that we don’t take the time to visit by car.”

What were the different stages of your stay?

Map showing Chloé's itinerary

Day 1: Visit Blois and its magnificent château.

Day 2: Blois – Amboise: 44 km

We explored Chaumont.

Day 3: Amboise – Chenonceaux loop: 38 km 

Canoe trip on the Cher to admire the Château de Chenonceaux up close, beneath the moat.

Day 4: Amboise – Villandry: 51 km 

We discovered Tours and visit the petrifying caves of Savonnières, with a wine tasting.

Day 5: Villandry – Chinon : 41 km

We enjoyed the guinguette on the banks of the Loire, overlooking the Château de Chinon.

Day 6: Chinon – Saumur : 38 km 

Stroll through several small villages surrounded by vineyards, including Candes-Saint-Martin, Montsoreau and Turquant.

What was your equipment?

How do you feel about this adventure at this time of year?

“I loved this trip! When we arrived in Saumur, we knew it was the end of the trip, and I was already starting to feel nostalgic. It was a total change of scenery, an incredible disconnect! The colors of autumn were beginning to show, especially the orange-yellow in the trees. As for the weather, we had sunshine, a day of rain and pleasant temperatures! It was less crowded at this time of year, even when it came to sightseeing, which was great! We had the opportunity to taste things like Fouées (a ball of bread baked in the oven with a filling), Galipettes (stuffed mushrooms) and wine (Saumur-Champigny). It was a truly rejuvenating and soothing adventure. I was proud to have done it on a hybrid bike instead of an e-bike. I can’t wait to do it again!

Canoe trip on the Cher, to admire Chenonceaux castle
©Chloé Abicyclette Voyages

Discovering Italy, in Emilia-Romagna

Constance tells us about her autumn bike journey

Portrait de Constance Abicyclette Voyages

Constance, Travel Consultant and Human Resources Manager, looks back on her cycling adventure in this beautiful Italian region.

“It was my first time on an e-bike on a long trip, Emilia-Romagna is a region with beautiful climbs. The Electric-Assisted Bike allows you to cover more kilometers and enjoy the scenery. This trip made me realize that it’s possible to travel by bike outside France! I appreciated the Italian culture and the fact that I was discovering a less touristy place! As for the scenery, we passed through many vineyards, olive groves and typical northern villages.”

What were the different stages of your stay?

Carte représentant l'itinéraire de Constance

Day 1: Arrival in Bologna and transfer to Riolo Terme

Day 2: Cycling tour from Riolo Terme

Discovering the vineyards and the Imola racetrack, lunch in the vineyards.

Day 3: Professional meetings on the theme of cycling

Day 4: Resort visit and olive oil and wine tasting

Day 5 & Day 6: Cycling in the vineyards and mountains of the Imola region.

Discovery of the village of Dozza and olive oil and wine tasting.

What was your equipment?

I wanted to travel light, without bringing anything superfluous. Bikes and helmets were provided on site. So I brought:

How do you feel about this adventure at this time of year?

“Super cool! There were lots of cyclists and a great cycling atmosphere, with the possibility of recharging your bike in the accommodation. It was also an opportunity for tasting: olive oil, wine, cheese, charcuterie, traditional dishes (ravioli, pasta, pizza, burrata…), a treat for the taste buds. We were very well received in the hotels, which were mainly occupied by locals and Italians. This allowed me to really immerse myself in the culture. The weather was ideal, even warm. For me, autumn is one of the best seasons to travel away from mass tourism. It was really great! “

Their tips for traveling by bike in Autumn:

✅ Check the weather forecast before setting off: bring rain gear and warm clothing if necessary.

✅ If the weather is in favor of rain and wind, there are plenty of indoor activities available. Don’t forget that the weather can change rapidly.

✅ Check the times and availability of the activities you want to do to make the most of your day.