Gourmet getaway in Emilia-Romagna: from Bologna to Parma

Take an intensive bike tour in the heart of Italy


The gastronomic wealth of the entire region
The beautiful cities of Bologna, Parma and Modena
The castle of Torrechiara
The fortified town of Castelvetro
The views of the hills of Emilia Romagna
The playful and panoramic winding roads

Italy by bike | In the land of Italian gastronomy

8 days of cycling between culinary tastings and discovering the local heritage. The Emilia-Romagna region is world famous as the plate of Italy. From Parmesan cheese to prosciutto, from vegetables to cereals, from fruits to wines and olives... Bologna has become one of the greatest European capitals of gastronomy. Take advantage of this bike tour to discover the local know-how.

You start your cycling trip in Bologna, cultural center and seat of one of the oldest universities in Europe. Bologna is the birthplace of mortadella (cold cuts) and the culinary capital of Italy. Bologna, in Italian, offers you many dishes to taste along its 40 kilometers of arcades. The red city is nicknamed for its impressive hue of terracotta buildings. It is a small architectural jewel, very well preserved, rare, which makes it an outstanding stage of this cycling trip.

You start your first kilometers of cycling through the urban bike paths of Bologna to reach the surrounding hilly landscapes and the fortified town of Bazzano.

Your itinerary takes you to Modena, the city of balsamic vinegar and the famous Ferrari car brand. Take advantage of this stopover to visit the many museums that represent the city’s must-see attractions. Don’t hesitate to visit the local covered market where fruits, vegetables, cheeses and cookies are available for your taste buds.

You can also take advantage of a loop around Modena to visit the heights of Castelvetro. You will admire the Italian countryside and the foothills of the Apennines, mountains of central Italy.

You ride on the hills of the region. You’ll climb the panoramic and photogenic ridges on the strength of your calves, before letting the winding roads take you down to the bottom of the beautiful agricultural valleys. At the bend of each road, the heritage is rich. You can visit the charming Acetaia Cavalli estate, a family that has been producing high quality balsamic vinegar for several decades, the castles of Canossa or Torrechiara (optional).

Your last stop is the famous city of Parma. Well known for its cured ham and parmesan, it is also a city of art and history. Discover its octagonal baptistery made of pink marble, its Romanesque dome and its frescoed dome.

Every day you cycle will give you new experiences in the history of the region, its art, culture and traditions. Emilia Romagna offers a multitude of beautiful landscapes, UNESCO world heritage sites and an unparalleled artistic, historical and gastronomic heritage.

Carte séjour Bologna - parma
Niveau FitFit
Day 1


Arrive on your own to Bologna, the gastronomic capital of the Emilia Romagna region.

Day 2

From BOLOGNE to MODENE 64km 212m Niveau Forme

You leave Bologna on its bike paths, which lead you to the hills where beautiful panoramic views await you. Before reaching Modena, you will discover the fortified town of Bazzano. Once you arrive in Modena, don’t forget to visit the historic city center and its marble-covered cathedral.

Day 3

MODENE 60km 374m Niveau Forme

Today, take the time to discover the beautiful city of Modena, its bell tower and the Ducal Palace. You can also enjoy a bike ride along the foothills of the Apennines on small roads and bike paths. This loop allows you to discover the small town of Castelvetro. We recommend a stroll through the fortified historic center of the town and a taste of the town’s specialty, balsamic vinegar. If you are a car lover, Modena is also the birthplace of Ferrari and other historic car brands. There are museums and exhibitions to visit to learn more about this rich local heritage!

Day 4

From MODENE to REGGIO EMILIA 47km 219m Niveau Loisir

Before leaving Modena, we recommend a visit to the covered market to taste the specialties of the region: Lambrusco wine, Amaretti cookies, truffles, cheese, Prosciutto and balsamic vinegar will delight the taste buds of the most gourmet (optional visit).

During your bike ride, take a break at Acetaia Cavalli, a family business that has been producing high quality balsamic vinegar for over a hundred years.

You will enjoy an itinerary on small secondary roads in the charming countryside that produces Parmesan cheese.

Day 5

REGGIO EMILIA 22km 102m Niveau Loisir

You head toward the hills. This shorter loop follows the bike path to Reggio Emilia to visit this beautiful and lively city. Did you know that Reggio Emilia is where the Italian flag was chosen?

  • For a few more km 57km 801m Niveau Forme

    Discover the castle of Canossa. It was in front of this castle that Emperor Henry V knelt, barefoot in the snow, before the Pope so that he would lift the excommunication pronounced against the Germanic Empire.

Day 6

From REGGIO EMILIA to PARME 65km 304m Niveau Forme

We suggest you start your day with an optional visit of a Parmesan cheese factory.

You move along the hillsides and in the wide valleys that cut the first reliefs of the Apennines. You will pass through vineyards and past large farmhouses that produce the regional specialties. The stopover town of Parma offers you the chance to taste these specialties in the beautiful historic center.

Parma is known for its culinary traditions but also for its art. Great painters such as Parmigianino, Correggio and Giuseppe Verdi still contribute to the city’s fame.

Explore the narrow streets and alleys of the historic center and stop for a bite to eat. Parma is famous for its prosciutto crudo and Parmesan cheese, which can be eaten as an appetizer or with a good dish of homemade pasta. Italian gastronomy par excellence, simple, tasty and generous…

Day 7

PARME 48km 240m Niveau Forme

This bike tour takes you to the magnificent castle of Torrechiara, which you reach by taking a beautiful ride through the hills of Parma. This castle was built between 1448 and 1460 as a defensive instrument. Located on top of a rocky hill, it dominates the small village of Torrechiara.
This area is also famous for its dried Prosciutto. Nothing better than to taste it on the spot in this beautiful historical setting.

Day 8


End of your stay after breakfast.

Comfort Range

Our quality standard at Abicyclette. This type of accommodation includes 2 and 3 stars hotels. Depending on the itinerary, you might spend some nights in approved guesthouses. You enjoy a double bedroom with private bathroom and toilet and adapted welcome for you and your bikes.

Starting from 1205€/participant in Self Guided option | See detailed prices

Privilege Range

Opt for total comfort in charming 3 and 4 star hotels which offer all the services you need and a special welcome for you and your bikes.

Starting from 1410€/participant in Self Guided option | See detailed prices

Essential Range

You want to enjoy your itinerary without anything fancy. Our ”essential” range offers a simple accommodation for a good night’s rest in a simple hotel, guesthouse, rest house or hostel.

Quote on request | Contact us

Price includes

  • Accommodation: 7 nights in a Double room
  • 7 breakfasts
  • Luggage transfer
  • Phone assistance 24/7
  • Application fee


  • The itinerary trackable on the following supports:
    • Loan of a Bicycle GPS uploaded with full itinerary of the trip
    • Access to smartphone app with tracks and digital roadbook
    • Cycling practical guide and maps

Price does not include

  • bike rental (see option)
  • Breakfast on day 1
  • Lunches
  • Dinners not included in "Price includes"
  • City hotel tax

A “homemade” stay made by a local partner, specialist in Italy:
  • Routes selected with the Abicyclette team for their tourist & cycling interests, fully marked, removed from traffic
  • Accommodation offered for the quality of their welcome, atmosphere, services and gastronomy
  • A great flexibility of organization which adapts to your needs and desires: you leave on the date of your choice! We check accommodation availability to ensure your departure.
Local support :
  • A personalized reception on the first day of your trip by a local guide giving you the travel documents (reception and documents in English)
  • Telephone assistance from the ABICYCLETTE VOYAGES team
  • Local telephone assistance
  • Luggage transfer service
A simplified route tracking:
And also:
  • The option of renting comfortable bikes, ideal for this route.
  • The option of taking out a cancellation & multi-risk insurance covering you in the event of a problem or unforeseen event

We offer a high-end bike rental service. Our bikes are suited for road and gravel road long-distance cycling. Fully equipped and highly reliable, they are faithful travel companions.

Aluminium-frame Hybrid Touring Bikes

Our hybrid bikes are ideal touring machines, equipped with Continental  tires with anti-puncture layer, a solid rear rack for panniers or trunk bag, fenders, chain-guard and kickstand. The ladies/mixte version has step-through frame for easy mounting/dismounting.

Supplied equipment per bike

  • 1 cyclometer
  • 1 bell
  • 1 lock
  • 1 pump
  • 1 bottle cage
  • 1 under-seat pack with spare tube, tire irons and patch kit.

Premium Titanium Hybrid Bike

The perfect combination of light and comfortable for long rides or the cyclists who wants performance but sitting in more of an upright position. The mixte version has step-through frame for easy mounting/dismounting.  Titanium hybrid/mixte frame and carbon fork.

Supplied equipment per bike

  • 1 cyclometer
  • 1 bell
  • 1 lock
  • 1 pump
  • 1 bottle cage
  • 1 under-seat pack with spare tube, tire irons and patch kit.

Touring E-Bike

Our e-bike fleet is made up of mostly Cannondale Mavaro and Tesoro, and Fantic 7 Days Living Easy models, with 625Wh batteries providing plenty of kilometers. With state of the art technology, our pedal-assist bikes are a fantastic option for cyclists who desire a little extra push. The ladies/mixte version has step-through frame for easy mounting/dismounting.

Supplied equipment per bike

  • 1 cyclometer
  • 1 bell
  • 1 lock
  • 1 pump
  • 1 bottle cage
  • 1 under-seat pack with spare tube, tire irons and patch kit.

Getting here

Departure city : BOLOGNE

Coming by car

  • at 12h from PARIS
  • at 12h from BORDEAUX
  • at 7h from LYON

Coming by train

  • Bologna train station - 9h from Paris

Coming by plane

  • Bologna Airport

Arrival city : PARME

Coming by car

  • at 10h from PARIS
  • at 12h from BORDEAUX
  • at 6h from LYON

Coming by train

  • Parma train station - 8h from Paris

Coming by plane

  • Parme Airport

*Parking: Since many of our clients travel by train or plane, we do not include parking in our packages. In addition, many accommodations don’t have the capacity to park a vehicle for the duration of your cycling vacation. So if you’re planning to arrive by car, we suggest you check parking options when you make your reservation. If you reserve a parking space at the first or last accommodation of your stay, you must pay the accommodation provider on site.

* Abicyclette Voyages accompanies you on demand, including transportation solutions.

How to get back to the starting point

  • Return by car in 1h15 to your starting point
  • Private shuttle: see detailed fares or contact us

Recommended equipment


  • Hybrid Bike or Touring Bike or Gravel Bike
  • 18 to 30-speed transmission
  • 26- to 29-inch wheels
  • Tires: 35 to 42 section, reinforced against punctures
  • Disc brakes recommended
  • 2 bottle cages
  • Bell
  • Front and rear lighting

Clothing and equipment

  • Helmet (supplied with bike rental unless otherwise specified locally)
  • 1 bike mount for smartphone to use the mobile route planner application
  • Suitable cycling clothing:
    • bib, shorts or tights: elastic and breathable, to facilitate movement and wick away perspiration
    • Breathable T-shirts, synthetic or merino wool
    • Breathable windbreaker
  • Thermal or fleece jacket
  • Waterproof jacket
  • 1 pair of sunglasses
  • 1 pair of cycling shoes
  • 1 backpack or 1 or 2 carrier bags
  • 1 or 2 water bottles (supplied with bike rental in France)
  • 1 lock (supplied with bike rental)
  • Technical details, recommended by the team for optimum comfort:
    • 1 pair of gloves or mittens, depending on season and destination
    • Padded bib (chamois)
    • High-visibility vest or fluorescent belt
    • Neck warmer and cap

Bike maintenance

  • Emergency repair kit: 2 or 3 inner tubes, patches, pump, tire levers, multi-tools
  • Maintenance kit: rag, oil, brake pads


  • A suitcase for your belongings carried in the vehicle (limited to one per person)
  • Street clothes
  • 1 pair of evening shoes
  • Fleece jacket for the evening
  • Toiletry bag
  • Telephone and charger

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