Our favorite Bike Cafés in France and beyond

People eating on the terrace at the Ta Grand-Mère à Vélo café in Rennes
©Ta Grand-Mère à Vélo

Coffee and bikes, a harmonious combination that goes far beyond a simple coffee break. Today we’ve decided to tell you about a trendy concept: bike cafés. Unique places where the pleasures of a tasty break meet cycling culture, as well as repair workshops and bike stores. Join us on a gourmet journey across France and beyond to discover our favorite stores, where fine dining meets a passion for two wheels, with a special mention for the Rennes café Ta Grand Mère à Vélo :

Paris, Steel

Paris’s first bike café is an iconic address nestled between the lively Marais and Belleville districts. With its industrial ambience and space dedicated to urban bike fashion and accessories, Steel Cyclewear and Coffeeshop is a must-visit meeting place for Parisian cyclists. In addition to a range of exceptional coffees, the menu offers a variety of dishes to recharge your batteries after a bike ride.

Bordeaux, Musette

Heading southwest, Bordeaux awaits you with its picturesque vineyards and cobblestone streets. Stop off at Musette, a bike café set up by two English-speaking expats offering light, largely organic food, just like the locally brewed beer they serve. The place is also a bike sales workshop. Their added value? An à la carte bike assembly workshop to build the bike you need.

Nice, Café du Cycliste

In the store on the port of Nice, you can buy cycling jerseys, rent a bike, have a coffee or work in a co-working space. Le Café du Cycliste, a community-oriented concept store where jerseys, helmets, cycling bibs and shoes sit alongside coffee and fruit juice. A bike rental area is open every day to welcome you, with locker room access to recover from your latest getaway.

Lyon, Grimpeur Cyclist House

In the heart of the charming city of Lyon, Grimpeur Cyclist House stands out as a welcoming place for cycling enthusiasts and good food. The origins of this bicycle café lie with Lyon cyclist Clément Venturini and his co-founder Arnaud Manzanini, an ultracycling figure and founder of the Race Across Series France. With its modern, refined ambience, the shop aims to become a benchmark for handlebar enthusiasts. It features an area dedicated to cycling textiles, as well as a training center equipped with bikes with screens and individual fans to simulate the climb of any mountain pass. After the effort, visitors can relax with a shower, immerse themselves in cycling literature, or enjoy organic and local bowls, tartines, desserts and smoothies at breakfast and lunch.

Lille, De Straat

De Straat is much more than just a café, it’s a place where everyone is invited to enjoy sweet or savoury delicacies, all locally produced, in front of a cycling race broadcast on screen. Designed with cyclists in mind, the store is also a meeting place for cycling enthusiasts, with regular events such as “rides”. An added benefit for bike owners is the possibility of cleaning and repairing their bikes on site. A cleaning station has been set up, and tools are available for minor repairs.

Rennes, Ta Grand Mère à Vélo

Let’s make a special stopover in Rennes to discover Ta Grand-Mère à Vélo, the bike café co-created and co-managed by Abicyclette Voyages founder Fabien Leduc. This atypical bicycle café offers a unique experience where warm ambience meets home cooking. Enjoy their varied menu, featuring fine local and plant-based cuisine, while chatting about passion and cycling with Damien, Fabien and the whole workshop café team. Rides are organized several times a week (Thursday, Friday, Saturday), offering the perfect opportunity to share miles with other cycling enthusiasts while discovering the charms of the Rennes countryside. If your bike needs servicing, the on-site repair shop will be happy to oblige.

Bike cafés beyond France’s borders:

Berlin, Steel Vintage Bike

Let’s leave France for a moment and pop over to Berlin, where Steel Vintage Bike offers an intergenerational café-vélo experience. Born out of a passion for old-fashioned bicycles, this café boasts a large collection of vintage bikes. It has become the ultimate destination for rare and classic bicycles. A place to connect people to the history, quality and craftsmanship of handmade steel bicycles while enjoying a coffee in the heart of Berlin’s Mitte district.

Girona, La Fabrica

La Fábrica de Girona, located in Girona, is probably the ideal place to get up close and personal with the café atmosphere and excitement of a top-level cycling competition. Run by former professional cyclist Christian Meier and his wife Amber, the restaurant is renowned for its floral, inventive and colorful cuisine, with a large convivial table and terrace. Girona is now a popular destination for many professional cyclists in search of tranquillity and superb cycling routes.

Bike cafés, where the pleasures of the table and the road meet in delicious harmony

Whether you’re looking for an invigorating espresso, a delicious meal or a new part for your bike, these bike cafés in France and beyond offer a complete experience. Embark on an adventure where a passion for coffee and cycling is combined with the satisfaction of a good lunch break and the excitement of finding the perfect accessory for your bike.