9 things to bring along for you Abicyclette Voyages trip?

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What should you bring along for you Abicyclette Voyages trip?

Here are our 9 essentials to pack in your panniers for a successful bike trip with Abicyclette Voyages:
Sunglasses and sunscreen, for sun protection. Have a second small bottle of sunscreen easily accessible or slipped into a pocket. It makes it easy to renew application regularly.

  • Embrace the rain with a light rain jacket, which can also shield you from the wind, and a Ziploc bag (freezer bag type) to protect your wallet and cards.
  • Snack time? Pack a few cereal bars or your favorite cookies.
  • If you want to keep your smartphone in front of you, attach it to your handlebar with a practical removable support, like a rubber strap.
  • A small external battery and cord.
  • An insulated cushion (Therm-a-Rest, for example), ideal for a picnic or a short break on the grass.
  • A small board, knife and a corkscrew, for a convivial aperitif. We homemade our board from and old binder, get creative!
  • A small regional book filled with anecdotes, to familiarize yourself with your destination
  • Your Abicyclette Voyages bag, our gift first day of your trip, perfect for storing your belongings together. Slip it into one of the panniers and pop out during your visits!