Our cycling holidays in Ireland

Discover Ireland, a country steeped in ancient traditions and captivating legends

Explore Ireland, a country of varied landscapes and warm hospitality. From verdant plains to rugged coastlines and majestic mountains, every nook and cranny reveals breathtaking natural beauty. From sparkling lakes to awe-inspiring cliffs, Ireland promises a unique travel experience steeped in magic and mystery.

Discover Ireland by bike

With its countless signposted routes, Ireland is a haven for cycling holidaymakers. In the midst of splendid and varied landscapes, you can pedal in complete serenity along the many cycle paths dotted around the country.

Although Ireland is less densely populated than some of its European neighbours, with a population of around 4.9 million, it remains a country where nature reveals its bounty through vast stretches of wilderness. Cycling in Ireland offers a diverse exploration of the landscape, from the majestic mountains of Kerry to the rugged beauty of the Giant’s Causeway and the picturesque coastline.

Mountain enthusiasts will love exploring the Mourne Mountains in Northern Ireland or venturing into the green hills of Connemara in the west. For those who prefer flatter terrain, the Atlantic and Irish Sea coastlines offer soothing walks along secluded beaches and rugged cliffs.

Majestic lakes, winding rivers and picturesque canals also dot the country, offering well-marked routes for cycling enthusiasts. The Lakes of Killarney, the Boyne Valley and the River Shannon are treasures for cyclists.

Ireland also has a network of charming towns and cities, all linked by well-maintained cycle routes. Whether you discover artistic creativity in Galway, history in Dublin, conviviality in Cork or medieval charm in Kilkenny, Ireland offers a variety of urban experiences to enjoy by bike.

The country and its people

Ireland is a land proud of its culture and traditions, celebrated through colourful festivals, lively dancing and spellbinding music. The Irish are renowned for their warm hospitality, and traditional pubs are a great place to discover the friendly atmosphere and local legends.

Ireland’s rich history is reflected in its medieval castles, ancient abbeys and fascinating archaeological sites. Famous writers such as James Joyce and Oscar Wilde also bear witness to Ireland’s cultural influence.

Economically, Ireland is emerging as a welcoming destination that delights travellers throughout their journey of discovery.

Roads and cycle routes in Ireland

With a multitude of well-marked cycle routes throughout the country, Ireland is an ideal destination for cycling enthusiasts. Coastal roads, canal lanes and paths through the hills offer a variety of landscapes to explore by bike.

Among the iconic routes:

  • The Wild Atlantic Way along Ireland’s west coast, offering breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean.
  • The Great Western Greenway in County Mayo
  • The Waterford Greenway in the south-east offers exceptional cycling experiences through picturesque countryside.

Irish weather

The Irish climate is mild and temperate, with moderate winters and cool summers. Showers are frequent, but the lush green landscapes and changing skies add a mystical beauty to the Irish cycling experience. In summer, pleasant temperatures make cycling comfortable, although occasional showers can punctuate your rides.

The 8 must-sees in Ireland

Travellers to Ireland will be spoilt for choice by the wealth of points of interest to discover across the country. Here are a few suggestions to guide your exploration:

  • The majestic and impressive Cliffs of Moher on the west coast.
  • Dublin, the bustling capital with its unique blend of modernity and history.
  • Killarney National Park, where wild nature meets the tranquil beauty of the lakes.
  • The Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland, a spectacular geological formation.
  • The Dingle Peninsula, with its picturesque coastal landscapes and colourful villages.
  • Connemara, a region of wild moors, sparkling lakes and rugged mountains.
  • The Aran Islands, steeped in Gaelic history and culture.
  • The medieval town of Kilkenny, rich in ancient architecture and picturesque charm.