The Danube by bike 3 - Vienna to Budapest

Eurovélo 6, on the Black Sea route

Danube 3: in the heart of Europe, from Vienna to Bratislava and Budapest

Cycle along the Danube valley through authentic villages, discovering three emblematic capitals. On this 3rd chapter of our Danube by Bike tour, set off on an unforgettable cycling adventure through the bucolic landscapes and cultural treasures that link Vienna to Budapest. This tour promises an enriching experience, combining culture and relaxation, along the majestic Danube River.

Your journey begins in magnificent Vienna, the city of classical music and imperial elegance. Ride in the footsteps of the greatest composers, Mozart, Beethoven, Strauss, and enjoy the palaces, cafés and museums that also make this city so extraordinarily rich. Explore the cobbled streets of the historic center and soak up the vibrant atmosphere of Austria’s capital.

Through enchanting landscapes and unspoilt countryside, you travel back in time to discover the exceptional historical heritage of the Danube Valley. Your first turns of the wheel take you to Donau-Auen, a National Park to the east of Vienna, home to a wide variety of plant and animal species and offering a wilderness experience. You can also visit Carnuntum, one of Austria’s largest archaeological sites!

You stop off at the Slovakian border, in the cosmopolitan capital Brastilava, for a unique blend of culture and modernity. Your cycling tour continues to Rajkà, the gateway to Hungary. Let yourself be captivated by the splendor of the Hungarian countryside.

A few historical and cultural refreshments are in order! Enjoy the many castles and palaces that sit proudly by the Danube, including Hédervár, Kelemantia and Visegrád.

Gyor, Balbona, Komarom, Esztergom: the villages and modest towns you cycle through have retained their original charm. Don’t forget to stop off in one of their town centers!

Your journey ends on a high note, with the discovery of the Pearl of the Danube, Budapest, capital of Hungary. This city is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and fascinating in Central Europe. Enjoy a panoramic view of the city from the Buda hills, and be sure to sample traditional Hungarian dishes such as the famous goulash, lángos or rétes…

Carte séjour Le Danube à vélo 2 - de Vienne à Budapest
Niveau LeisureLeisure
Day 1


Welcome to Austria’s sumptuous capital, Vienna, which stretches majestically along the Danube. This iconic city offers an unforgettable experience around every corner and is well worth an extended visit. Discover the Viennese soul with a cup of fine coffee, accompanied by the legendary Viennese cake “Sachertorte”, in one of the many historic cafés that have forged Vienna’s reputation for fine dining. Stroll through the city center, steeped in history and culture, where the charm of imperial architecture blends with a modern, dynamic atmosphere. Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy a unique experience with a ride in a horse-drawn “Fiaker” cab, a tradition that has endured for centuries.

Meeting with our local guide

Before your first ride, we invite you to meet one of our guides, at your place of departure. A time of exchange, a privileged moment to give you our last practical tips, must-see places and experiences, to answer all your questions, take care of your bike fitting to begin your trip.

Day 2

From VIENNA to BRATISLAVA 70km Niveau Forme

Your first ride from Vienna takes you through the Donau-Auen National Park. Here you discover an exceptional natural heritage and a remarkable array of ecosystems, including meadows and alluvial forests. Your route takes you to Bad Deutsch Altenburg, where you can follow the Roman Römerweg cycle path to Carnuntum, one of Austria’s most important archaeological sites. After Hainburg, you reach the border with Slovakia and its capital Bratislava, where you spend the night.

Day 3


You leave the hustle and bustle of Bratislava behind, and with a few pedal strokes, plunge into Slovak territory on your way to Rajkà, your gateway to Hungary. You are enchanted by the splendor of the Hungarian countryside, where the landscapes undulate like well-orchestrated stanzas. Gradually, you enter the magnificent Szigetköz region, an enchanting tableau where the countless meanders of the Danube stretch endlessly. Here, your itinerary leads you to Mosonmagyaróvár, the city of 17 bridges, where architecture dances with the winding course of the river.

Day 4

From MOSONMAGYAROVAR to GYOR 40km Niveau Loisir

Taking the serpentine cycle paths, you follow the enchanting murmur of the Danube, tracing your way to the delightful island of Rye, a veritable Eden of tranquility. Continuing your journey, your route takes you to Hédervár, where a majestic castle stands in the heart of a preserved park. Your day is punctuated by the remarkable city of Gyor, where the artfully laid-out streets invite you to take a stroll. A little further on, Pannonhalma Abbey, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, reveals its unchanging majesty.

Day 5

From GYOR to KOMAROM 55km Niveau Loisir

Today’s itinerary takes you through the vivid tableaux of the Hungarian countryside, where lush green fields stretch as far as the eye can see. Along the way, you pass through small Hungarian villages such as Balbona, famous for its world-famous stud farm. Your journey then takes you to the jewel of the evening, Komarom, which once, hand in hand with Komarno on the Slovak side, formed a single town. Although separated today, the two cities remain linked by a bridge built over the waters of the Danube.

Day 6

From KOMAROM to ESZTERGOM 55km Niveau Loisir

Your itinerary guides you gently along the majestic banks of the Danube valley, revealing a flat, tranquil path. Along the way, you pass through picturesque villages, each bend offering spectacular views of the vineyards looming in the background. For history buffs, a stop to explore the Roman castle of Kelemantia, a relic of the past, is a must. The highlight of your day is undoubtedly Esztergom, nicknamed the “Rome of Hungary”. Its basilica, the country’s most imposing church, displays its architectural grandeur, inviting visitors to plunge into history.

Day 7

From ESZTERGOM to BUDAPEST 55km Niveau Loisir

You ride along the enchanted “Donauknie”, undoubtedly one of the most enchanting sections of the Danube cycle route. The buildings of the Royal Palace and Visegrád Castle stand before you like chapters in a captivating tale, while the open-air museum and baroque old town of Szentendre invite you to extend your break. You’ve reached the end of this memorable stage when you arrive in Budapest, a bustling, young and vibrant capital.

Day 8


End of your stay after breakfast.

Comfort Range

Our quality standard at Abicyclette. This type of accommodation includes 2 and 3 stars hotels. Depending on the itinerary, you might spend some nights in approved guesthouses. You enjoy a double bedroom with private bathroom and toilet and adapted welcome for you and your bikes.

Starting from 820€/participant in Self Guided option | See detailed prices

Privilege Range

Opt for total comfort in charming 3 and 4 star hotels which offer all the services you need and a special welcome for you and your bikes.

Starting from 970€/participant in Self Guided option | See detailed prices

Essential Range

You want to enjoy your itinerary without anything fancy. Our ”essential” range offers a simple accommodation for a good night’s rest in a simple hotel, guesthouse, rest house or hostel.

Quote on request | Contact us

Price includes

  • Accommodation: 7 nights in a Double room
  • 7 breakfasts
  • Luggage transfer
  • Phone assistance 24/7
  • Application fee
  • Boat ticket from Esztergom to Visegrád or from Szentendre to Budapest, including bike transfer. (The boat should run every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from early May to mid-September; outside this period or these days, you will receive a replacement train ticket).
  • If bike rental : insurance included
  • The itinerary as detailed above trackable on the following supports:
  • An app with full itinerary
  • Cycling practical guide including restaurant recommendations for lunch & dinner


  • Additional services included:
    • Day 1 : A personalized greeting with our team at the beginning of the trip to receive your travel documents
  • Price does not include

    • bike rental (see option)
    • Breakfast on day 1
    • Lunches
    • Dinners not included in "Price includes"
    • Cities taxes
    • Drinks, visits & other personal expenses

    A “homemade” tour by a local partner, specialist in Austria and Hungary:
    • Routes chosen with the Abicyclette team for their tourist & cycling interests, fully marked and removed from trafic
    • Accommodation chosen for the quality of their welcome, atmosphere, services and gastronomy
    • A great flexibility of organization that adapts to your needs and desires: you leave on the date of your choice! We check the availability of accommodation to ensure your departure.

    Assistance close at hand :
    • Luggage transfer service
    • Local telephone assistance 7/7 from 9am to 7pm
    • 7/7 telephone assistance from 9am to 8pm from the ABICYCLETTE VOYAGES team

    Simple route tracking:
    • A digital logbook to find all useful addresses and tourist information, maps and a description of the route.
    • A signposted route.

    And also:
    • Confortable bike rental, ideal for this route on the banks of the Danube.
    • The option to subscribe to a cancellation & multi-risk insurance covering you in case of problems or the unexpected

    We offer a high-end bike rental service. Our bikes are suited for road and gravel road long-distance cycling. Fully equipped and highly reliable, they are faithful travel companions.

    Touring bike classic

    Supplied equipment per bike

    • Saddle bag (waterproof)
    • Handlebar bag (waterproof)
    • 1 repair kit (patches, tube, tire lever)
    • Pump
    • Combination lock

    Helmet not provided for our trips in Austria.

    vélo location Autriche avec sacoches


    With an autonomy of almost 120km and a maximum speed of 25km/h, cycling has never been so easy!

    Supplied equipment per bike

    • Saddle bag (waterproof)
    • Handlebar bag (waterproof)
    • 1 repair kit (patches, tube, tire lever)
    • Pump
    • Combination lock

    Helmet not provided for our trips in Austria.

    Trekking bike +

    Supplied equipment per bike

    • Saddle bag (waterproof)
    • Handlebar bag (waterproof)
    • 1 repair kit (patches, tube, tire lever)
    • Pump
    • Combination lock

    Helmet not provided for our trips in Austria.

    Getting here

    Departure city : VIENNA

    Coming by car

    • at 12h from PARIS
    • at more than 16h from BORDEAUX
    • at 12h from LYON

    Coming by train

    • Vienna Train Station

    Coming by plane

    • Vienna airport

    Arrival city : BUDAPEST

    Coming by car

    • at 14h from PARIS
    • at more than 16h from BORDEAUX
    • at 13h from LYON

    Coming by train

    • Budapet Keleti train station [HUNGARIA] - Plus de 12h from Paris

    Coming by plane

    • Budapest Airport

    *Parking: Since many of our clients travel by train or plane, we do not include parking in our packages. In addition, many accommodations don’t have the capacity to park a vehicle for the duration of your cycling vacation. So if you’re planning to arrive by car, we suggest you check parking options when you make your reservation. If you reserve a parking space at the first or last accommodation of your stay, you must pay the accommodation provider on site.

    * Abicyclette Voyages accompanies you on demand, including transportation solutions.

    How to get back to the starting point

    • By train from Budapet Keleti [HUNGARIA] to Vienna in 2H47 (hotline)
    • Return by car in 2h30 to your starting point
    • Private shuttle: see detailed fares or contact us

    Recommended equipment


    • All-Terrain Bike (ATB) or Touring Bike or Gravel Bike
    • 18 to 30-speed transmission
    • 26- to 29-inch wheels
    • Tires: 35 to 42 section, reinforced against punctures
    • Disc brakes recommended
    • 2 bottle cages
    • Bell
    • Front and rear lighting

    Clothing and equipment

    • Helmet (supplied with bike rental unless otherwise specified locally)
    • 1 bike mount for smartphone to use the mobile route planner application
    • Suitable cycling clothing:
      • bib, shorts or tights: elastic and breathable, to facilitate movement and wick away perspiration
      • Breathable T-shirts, synthetic or merino wool
      • Breathable windbreaker
    • Thermal or fleece jacket
    • Waterproof jacket
    • 1 pair of sunglasses
    • 1 pair of cycling shoes
    • 1 backpack or 1 or 2 carrier bags
    • 1 or 2 water bottles (supplied with bike rental in France)
    • 1 lock (supplied with bike rental)
    • Technical details, recommended by the team for optimum comfort:
      • 1 pair of gloves or mittens, depending on season and destination
      • Padded bib (chamois)
      • High-visibility vest or fluorescent belt
      • Neck warmer and cap

    Bike maintenance

    • Emergency repair kit: 2 or 3 inner tubes, patches, pump, tire levers, multi-tools
    • Maintenance kit: rag, oil, brake pads


    • A suitcase for your belongings carried in the vehicle (limited to one per person)
    • Street clothes
    • 1 pair of evening shoes
    • Fleece jacket for the evening
    • Toiletry bag
    • Telephone and charger

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