E-bike cycling holidays, a way to discover bicycle travelling?

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When you’re not a frequent cyclist, the idea of a bike trip can be scary.
The relief, travel distance or even fatigue are factors why a good number of travelers refrain from going on cycling holidays. Today’s e-bike cycling holidays allow us to overcome these difficulties and reconcile the casual cyclist with the joys of cycling.

The characteristics of the e-bike

Entry-level models offer little autonomy and relative reliability. Quality electric bikes like the e-bikes provided by Abicyclette Voyages can now offer a range of up to 100 km, reliable equipment and ease of use which makes riding pleasant. E-bikes do not mean no pedaling as the term “electrical assistance” might imply. A motor, most often located in the crankset, will increase the force applied by the cyclist on the pedals.

Depending on the level of assistance selected on a control unit located on the handlebars, the driving force transmitted to the rear wheel will be amplified with more or less strength.

  • A high level of assistance allows you to resume physical activity gradually and without much effort, even in hilly regions that seem inaccessible.
  • On the other hand, a moderate level of assistance will increase the battery life while requiring a reasonable effort from the cyclists, allowing them to embark on longer routes such as along canals or greenways.

At any time, the traveler can adapt the level of assistance and adapt to changes on the path.


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A bike that gathers people together

Regulations limit assistance to a speed of 25 km/h which, for the average cyclist, is already sporty. During cycling trips, the average speed is often around 15 km/ h. This allows casual cyclists, assisted by an electric bike, to travel easily with more experienced cyclists. So, even if there are different levels of practice or physical fitness within a couple, family or group, the e-bike can bring different types of cyclists together. And this is the case for all levels of cycling during cycling holidays.
After a certain age, you can even prolong your fitness and endurance while fully enjoying the joys of discovering a new region. In the evening, at the hotel, you just need to charge the removable battery. So you will be ready to set off on new paths after a good night’s rest.

For (almost) all destinations

What are the e-bike cycling holidays proposed by Abicyclette Voyages ?

Strictly speaking, there are no specific electric bike trips. Whatever the destination of  the cycling holiday, the traveler can choose electric assistance. Thus, for all Abicyclette Voyages trips, you can come with your own bike. You can also choose, from those offered by our agency, a bicycle adapted to each vacationer. So you can choose the size, the type of bike and whether you want to benefit from electric assistance or not. The equipment provided allows you to travel safely. It also allows you to travel comfortably thanks to waterproof bags and gear  needed to deal with the unexpected.



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