Tips for your bike-travelling trips

Find all our tips for to prepare your bike-travelling trip

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The benefits of cycling on the body are many. First of all, cycling provides an excellent […]

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Our tips for cycling even when it rains

Winter is here … The rain and cold are back. For some they are obstacles […]

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The well-being of our travelers is OUR priority. To leave with Abicyclette Voyages is to […]

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All our tips to enjoy your bike trip.

Desire for self-sufficiency or sporting challenge, desire to get closer to nature or to think outside the box, searching for thrills or searching for yourself: there are many reasons to travel by bicycle. Far from being reserved to athletes, cycling is accessible to everyone. But a bicycle trip needs to be planned. We are here to help you in the preparation of it thanks to many tips that you can find regularly on our blog.

The Abicyclette Voyages team, with their experience, provides you with advice to prepare your cycling trip. For 10 years now, Abicyclette Voyages has been advising bike travelers. Each member of the team is able to provide advice and recommendations so that your stay goes as smoothly as possible.


Our advice to bike travelers, before and during the bicycle trip.

When planning your bike trip, you may be wondering where to start. What equipment to bring? Which bike to choose? How will I transport this or that object? What should I take to snack on during these cycling days? Know that on this blog, Abicyclette Voyages answers all these questions.

Indeed, if Abicyclette Voyages takes care of a very large part of the logistics of your trip by booking your accommodation, managing your luggage transfers and providing GPS tracks as well as a GPS, a bike trip, needs to be planned to be well equipped and physically and mentally ready for a new adventure.

Our advisors are themselves fond of travel and cycling trips. Based on these experiences, we want to help you prepare for your cycling trip, whether it is the first or the twentieth.


Everything you need to know to travel by bike at ease.

Advice on what to take with you on your bike trip.

To leave well equipped, follow the tips that our advisors give you on this blog.

Planning to go on a bike trip? Be aware that your trip must be prepared a few days or even a few weeks in advance. So that everything goes as planned and without pitfalls, one of the first imperatives is to equip yourself and your bike well!

On this blog and more particularly on this “Travel Tips” page, our advisors will advise you on the type of bike to choose during your bike trip. Whether you choose to rent a bike or bring your own, they will tell you which type of bike to choose based on your experience and your route. Are you afraid of embarking on the adventure of bike-travelling? We explain how the electric bike is a good alternative to start traveling by bike.

The question of what to bring is also essential. If the bikes we rent are equipped with a 20L rear bag, an 8L front bag, a repair kit, a helmet and an anti-theft device, the question of the equipment to take with you when traveling needs to be asked. Here you will find tips on what to take with you. We will also give you advice on the equipment and clothing to take with you depending on the season during which your trip will take place. Even in bad weather, we can give you advice on cycling in the rain.

With all these tips, you can go on an adventure at ease.

Our body and health tips and advice during a bike trip.

While on a bicycle trip, eating well is essential to avoid hypoglycemia, low morale or injury. We will be able to answer your questions about the diet to adopt during a bicycle trip. But above all, treat yourself, it’s the holidays!

At the same time, you will surely do more physical activity than usual. No problem, here too we can advise you! The practice of yoga or some stretching is strongly recommended.

Our advice for choosing the time of year to go.

Certain geographic areas are subject to climates which do not always ease cycling. We are here to advise you on the preferred time for a bicycle trip in such or such country or in such or such region. Our advisers will be happy to share their experiences on this area with you.

Thanks to the advice that we regularly put at your disposal on our blog, you will be able to leave with peace of mind and enjoy your cycling trip in the best conditions.